Sample Book Review Paper on Black Latinos

According to the International Society of Black Latinos website, their vision is to educate and unite the communities together through leadership development, diversity and inclusion. At the same time, their mission is to educate the boarder and local communities regarding the existence of the Afro-Latinos. The secondary goal of the black Latinos is to reach the youth in the inner cities through various local schools and seminars. The aim is to unify and build a stronger community. They ensure that all Latinos have social tolerance, strong character, academic opportunity and are enriched in regards to education and leadership.

One thing that has bound together the Black Latinos is their cultural similarities plus the anecdotes that they share which highlights the ways in which Afro-Latino community is invisible. It means that the strength of the community is their ability to stay together through various means. By reaching out to the youths, the elderly are able to teach them the values of the Black Latinos to boost their identity and also to give them courage to go out there are acquire whatever that they want in the nation without any form of limitations.

The main recommendations apart from partnering with schools and holding seminars to reach out to the youths is by holding community meetings to teach them their cultural ways to enable them understand their background. At the same time, they can do whatever they can to have a television program that mainly teaches about Black Latinos culture especially their way of living and also their food and true identity.  Unity can also be achieved through cultural days when all the cultural groups come together. This would help them interact and share ideas especially with those who have made it in the community and the ways in which they overcome discrimination.