Sample Coursework Paper on Women in Prison

  1. Cody Porter: What are the similarities and differences between women’s and men’s prisons?

A prison is a correctional facility whereby inmates are forcibly confined for a given period of time and denied some freedom under the rule of law. The prisons are distinguished according to gender whereby they serve the same purpose but there are some conditions inside the facilities that are set to suit either the male or the female. Among the limited freedoms is integration with other citizens, this is a challenge especially to inmates who have children back at home. Most of the privileges given to inmates are limited when it comes to women; there is no even special treatment for the pregnant inmates and those who give birth in prison. The status of the inmates since they cannot be predicted it is wise to take control of such incidence where kids are given birth and raised by inmate mothers. A program inside the facilities should ensure that inmates’ kids should enjoy the mothers’ warmth and care and at the same time be prote3cted at all costs against any risks that may occur in a prison.

  1. Frank Spinosa: comparison and contrast of men and women prison

There are many similarities that characterize the prisons for both male and the female ones. Form sexual harassment, drug abuse, inmate social code and mental health issues. The differences that exhibit these facilities occur mostly to women where they go through medical issues that some are biologically related. Being a correctional facility, the whole growth and development of the inmates should be maintained especially for women who most of the time experience more challenges than men. There should be allocation of enough time for the mothers who give birth in prisons and their general health and biological factors should be catered for evenly. With proper programs, women will be able to raise their children and at the same time serve the term that they have been charged while both the mother and the child are not affected psychologically.