Sample Research Proposal Paper on Rationale Of Dissertation Study: Gender Diversity and the Status of Women in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Dissertation Study

What is the rationale for your proposed dissertation topic?

The focus for the proposed dissertation is to look into why women cannot reach the peak of their career in the industry of hospitality and tourism, along with the impact of women’s bid to excel in an industrial still largely controlled by men. An academic study shows that the majority of hospitality students are females. The question being asked is why there are very few female General Managers at 5-star hotels. Is it because of low pay? Or do they just disregard the industry as a potential employer? It may be due to personal preference as research shows that personal choice prevails in most cases: family units and household tasks assumed the first position as an obstruction to women’s professional development (“HVS Executive Search Study Reveals”, 2013). There are chances for women to go up the corporate ladder if they choose to find the way past personal conditions.

Personal priorities bar modern women from reaching top positions in their careers. Studies have found out that many women fail to reach managerial positions due to their own personal choices. Most women give more priority to their families, which they believe would be affected by their top positions and their demands (“HVS Executive Search Study Reveals”, 2013). Groups of women have also reported snubbing top career posts in the hospitality industry due to the pressure that comes with such positions, and they believe that they would affect their lives negatively. Still others have argued that the top positions are not their career goals and are therefore not interested in pursuing them.

Gender stereotyping is another barrier in women achieving top positions. Few women are not able to make it to the top because of the discriminatory practices that still exist in some parts of the world (“HVS Executive Search Study Reveals”, 2013). In such areas, men believe that women should never lead men, and women are therefore confined to lower-level positions for their whole career.

Personal choices have proved to hinder women’s career advancement than the glass ceiling. The modern world offers more of the same opportunities to both genders, but women still find it hard to advance in their careers (“HVS Executive Search Study Reveals”, 2013). Most of the factors are self-imposed and do relate to the gender biases in the work places.

The dissertation would therefore look at the various factors that affect women’s career advancement in the hospitality industry and their possible solutions. The educational sector would benefit from the study as it would help them modify the curriculum to cater for the challenges facing women’s career advancement. The researcher may face the problems of time and resources during the study, but believes that  it would not affect the work quality.

What is the aim of your proposed dissertation topic? What are the objectives?

The study will focus on gender diversity and the status of women in the hospitality industry. It aims at shedding more light on the issues affecting career advancement among women in the hospitality industry. The study would therefore strive to  achieve the following objectives:

  1. To evaluate the current trends in women career advancement in the hospitality industry
  2. To establish the major factors that hinder women career advancement
  3. To identify some the possible solutions to the problems facing women in their career advancement


What data collection technique(s) do you propose to use?

The researcher would use a survey approach for data collection. The survey methods would be through questionnaires and interviews and would be done both online and offline on the sample population chosen. Online survey would be through an email survey, but would also involve telephone survey. There would also be a group-administered questionnaire and personal interviews.

What ideas do you have about the research sample needed? In other words, who is your likely sample?

The research sample would be women working in the hospitality industry. There are more women in the industry than men, but very few women are in the top management positions. Efforts have been made to reduce this gender disparity, but no major changes have been achieved so far (“The Case For Change: Women Working In Hospitality”, 2010). The study on the hospitality industry shows that more managers are needed in the industry, but only men are going for these positions. The study would hope to give an answer to the reasons why women are shunning these positions.


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