Sample Paper on Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent

Job title: Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent

Job Requirements


How you have already met or plan to meet job requirement


Job Duties




How you have met or plan to meet job duties



1a. Bachelor degree



I have acquired a bachelor’s degree in criminology


Deporting process, which involves apprehending and deporting illegal immigrants or criminal immigrants Undertake law course to familiarize myself with the state rules and regulations as well as the amended rules.






Have a valid driving license













I enrolled myself in a driving school, undertook a driving test after which I acquired a driving license.













2b. Board patrol







I plan to meet the job duties by participating and attending safety courses offered by the department.





Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent job has both advantages and disadvantages. Some of the benefits include high remuneration and flexible spending accounts that supplement health and dependent care plans.

Accordingly, the job also has disadvantages, which include long working hours. Agents often work nights, weekends, and holidays. The Human resource in an organization can solve the disadvantage by recruiting a large workforce that will enable shift programs. The second disadvantage is continued high-risk exposure. Based on the job description agents are a position at the state border where they are exposed to high risks of attack. Nevertheless, although there are numerous issues allied to the job, such challenges and difficulties can be solved through unity and corporation amongst all agents performing the task.

It is also worth mentioning that the remuneration of the job title is dynamic depending on the hospice or healthcare facility. However, the average pay for Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent per year is averagely $77,210. The amount is dictated based on the job level, the level of education, and work experience.