Sample Essay Paper on Criminal Justice

Victimization is a situation where someone is the target of a particular crime as the law stipulated. It could be peer victimization or even gender victimization. Victims have the right to be heard in a court of law (Abraham 33). The truth that they speak must always be weighed appropriately and vetted by the court. The truth of victimization can be drawn from the personality of the victim. It is easy in a court of law to diagnose the personality of somebody and at the same time investigate his or her social relations with others. Therefore, victimizations are not appropriate until proof is exhibited (Tamara 197). Even though research has proved that victimization is on the rise, the court has a way of vindicating the victims who are not guilty.

On the contrary, witnesses should not just be accepted to deliver true evidence. Their truth must be put to test. The court has all the reasons and ways to prove that witness gives the correct accounts of the victim’s offenses. It is also necessary to note that witnesses must have some social background that is investigated (Barbara 162).

Suspect reliability is one key thing that is supposed, that should be taken with much care. Only eyewitnesses can always give a proper account of what transpired at the scene of the crime. The suspect’s personality can tell much about whether he can be vindicated or not. The scale of truth can be diagnosed regarding his material social background and life. It is not easy as such to unravel the truth about all three cases but the scale of truth can always be used with a thorough investigation to attain the level of truth in each case (Abraham 19). It is therefore worth noting that, victimizations, witness, and suspect reliability can all be proved although by a low probability than one. Criminal justice has a well-stipulated method of dealing with the cases.


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