Sample Essay Paper on Corporate Crimes

White-collar crimes relate to any financial atrocities perpetrated by directors, executives, business entities, or employees mainly for the purposes of financial gains. In relation to this definition, corporate crimes involve offenses perpetrated mainly for the financial gain of an entire corporation, firm, or organization. In an organization, corporative executives perform various functions that include overseeing all financial transactions within an organization. As such, they should hold accountable in case there reasons and substantive evidence to believe that crimes were committed (Corporate Criminal Liability, 2012). This may include crimes committed collectively by collaborating between employees, business entities, and the executives themselves. For example, Bernard Madoff the Ponzi scheme giant was held responsible for swindling clients billions after pleading guilty (White Collar Crimes, n.d.).

On the other hand, corporate executives should not be held responsible for financial offenses committed without their knowledge. In such cases where employees are found guilty of committing such crimes, they should be individually responsible for their own actions. For example, if the criminal activities were committed by joining forces among all employees in the finance department, all of them should be held responsible but not the executives. As such, it would be wrong to hold into account managers or executives for crimes they did not have any knowledge of.

In relation to pressures placed by executives on employees, they should also not be responsible for crimes committed by employees in case they do not know that such pressures may lead to corporate crimes. This is mainly because there are other ways that can be used to address employee-manager pressures. Some of these avenues may include meetings or the use of representatives. For example, employees within a sales department may send a representative to talk to the top management in order to come up with legal ways of reaching sales targets. This may include the provision of more time. Conversely, if executives are aware that certain pressures may lead to unlawful activities, then they should be responsible (Corporate Criminal Liability, 2012). This is because it is their role to ensure that every activity within the organization is done in a legal manner.



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