Sample Essay on Unionization


Police unions, just like other labor unions, were created to defend the interest of members against some of the rules set by employers (Polzin & DeLord, 2010). There have been claims that unionization brought more harm than good. These critics do not have solid reasons because unionization has provided an equal opportunity for all employees who belong to the union. Police unions do not only support the police, but also other sectors through their initiatives like fundraising, educational programs, and other services to the highly liable profession (Magenau & Hunt, 2007).

Police unionization is known for its initiation of change. There were certain practices that violated the rights of police officers that were eliminated in order to improve the labor-management relationship. Unionization also allowed the police to join with the management in various change efforts such as community policing (Polzin & DeLord, 2010). However, what has made some people disapprove the step is the conflict of interest brought about by overlooking some public interests as the police enjoy their rights. This is what had been used as the basis for poor job performance caused by the police unionization.

Police unionization came as a bargaining agent for several agencies (Magenau & Hunt, 2007). The involvement of several agencies made it easier to come up with workable policies and implementation strategies. There is no doubt that it requires effort to get rid of workers under a union because of the different protective laws used in the operation of unions (Magenau & Hunt, 2007). On the other hand, the unions only allow legal services, and if there is evidence of poor performance, the law can easily take its course. Therefore, unionization was an appropriate step because it put more emphasis on the law enforcement component of the police role (Magenau & Hunt, 2007).


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