Sample Essay on Response to the Article Battleground America

In a world that is Ideal, there would be no crime and violence, the most unfortunate thing is that this ideal vision of the way that things should be is not even possible. The world today is full of sorrow and violence, the American society is threatened by acts of crime that have become so common in the cities. The deranged killers continue to threaten citizen safety and their security. There are many proposals that have been suggested to curb all these vices; it is in this motivation that Jill Leopore the author of “Battleground America” suggests that gun control is important in the interest of keeping the public safe.

The author goes further than his premise of controlling guns and pushes for their ban. Even though her premise is well intentioned, it has some challenges in the primary levels (Lepore 40). Gun control is not shown as the only way that can be used to control crime, the proposal to ban weapons will do very little to prevent the crime that is prevalent in the  cities and towns across the United States. She explains that the National Rifle Association is solely responsible for popularizing the gun rights; however, it is worth noting that the two are constitutionally protected (Lepore 40). The author has a narrow focus on the control of guns; she ignores some factors leading to the gun violence and challenges associated with the gun control. The legality of her premises is not properly guided, it is immensely risky.

In America, many people who commit mass shootings are mentally ill people, a majority of these people test positive for mental disorders. The best solution for preventing crime would be to improve the quality of mental health care and work to eradicate the stigma that is associated with mental illness. A large number of the mental health care spending is used on the drug prescriptions and the outpatient spending only a small percentage is used for the purposes of the inpatient treatment. Lepore explains concerning the growth of the rights movement, however, she does not discuss on the movement concerned with the rights for the mentally challenged (Lepore 23).

The primary on this whole issue is that controlling guns can significantly reduce the crime level. By the use of anecdotal exhibit, Lepore tries to show that the main remedy for the gun issues in the United States is through the banning of guns. She mentions different shootings, for example, those that occurred in Chardon High School shooting for the purpose of supporting her case. However, she does not go behind to analyze some of the causal factors that could have contributed to these crimes.

Lepore closely examines the shooting that happens around the country. When she does this she deflects the blame from the original criminals and put it on the national Rifle Association (Lepore 45).  The author has made it point blank that the United States civilian is more armed than any other civilian in the United States, she suggests that the prevalence of gun violence in America is the highest in the whole world. In consideration of the number of people who die from firearm this is true, however, the united states rank fourth in the number of murders with firearms in the whole world.

Contrary to what Lepore may believe, even the countries that have strict gun control methods are not immune to gun violence, the strict gun control methods do not totally eliminate the risk of the mass shooting, and some countries with immensely strict gun control methods have experienced mass shootings (Lepore 47). Gun control can significantly reduce gun violence; however, it ends up increasing the crime rate in the country. The presence of guns in the country gives the law abiding citizens a chance to defend themselves from criminals, shootings that have been stopped before the criminals finished what they were doing were stopped by people who had guns.

In conclusion, gun control can be considered to be a good meaning, but one that is highly flawed. The U.S government and the present policies can only do very little when it comes to rescuing the country from the rampant gun violence. There is immense need to carry out more research into the causal factors of violent crime through more research on mental health. The idea of controlling guns is not a good method to prevent crime; it leaves the citizen without a method to defend themselves the dangers that surrounds them. Lepore attempts to use a popular appeal, however, her statistics are immensely flawed and her attempts to discredit the Supreme Court, together with the constitution falls short, she is determined to do what is good from the way that she perceives it, but she looks at a narrow aspect and an even narrower solution. There is a need for a broader view on the use of guns in America, something that cannot be found in “Battleground America”.

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