Sample Essay on Program Report: Domestic Violence

Program Report: Domestic Violence

In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), family violence is a considerable public health challenge in the US where family violence exists on a varied scale from periodic violence, once or infrequent incidence, to battering. Battering is regular and severe and entails one spouse who overpowers the other (Cox, Ortega, Cook-Craig, & Conway, 2010). Through different programs, domestic violence is stopped and prevented. The Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement and Leadership Through Alliances (DELTA) program endeavors to decrease the incidence (that is, new instances) of domestic violence by tackling the entire continuum of family violence from periodic to battering via an assortment of actions.

Since 2002, Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV) has operated with the CDC to build up and execute the DELTA program. FCADV coordinated a DELTA evaluation team consisting of a varied grouping of state-level experts whose tasks encompass providing direction and support and helping in supervising regional tasks. In 2006, the evaluation team extended as its tasks advanced to encompass being accountable for generating a nationwide prevention program; the evaluation team is currently known as DELTA State Steering Committee (Cox et al., 2010). FCADV is dedicated to enhancing the comprehension and execution of essential prevention ideologies at the regional level. Financing by DELTA has enabled FCADV to offer several pieces of training and technical support visits for regional plans in Florida. FCADV consistently backs regional DELTA plans through the provision of program evaluation guidance and technological support (Finley, 2010). FCADV contacts regional programs frequently to enhance progressing to results, a development structure, and effective evaluation. FCADV is dedicated to enhancing major prevention ideologies at the national level. The combination has been and will keep on being, active in encouraging key prevention and strategies by incorporating treatment into future occurrences.


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