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Sample Essay on Probation, Parole, and Community Correction Work

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Sample Essay on Probation, Parole, and Community Correction Work
Question 1 Part A

The best-recommended type of punishment that is best for John is the supervised probation. This notion is because John has committed a felony.  Therefore, it is imperative that he be put under strict supervision to keep him in check.  The supervision will help him to change his behavior in a positive stance.  In most cases, the close supervision is also vital for me as the probation officer to know on the best ways to mend the behavior of John. The felony committed constitutes 50 percent of entering into probation (Kathryn, 2013).  This is the highest percentage hence the wrongdoing of John should be checked in details.  A closer look at the very reasons why John was arrested, the violations has a wider effect on the community in which John. It is deemed to affect his friend and family in negative ways.  It also puts the life of the people around at risk and unnecessary jeopardy (Douglas, Burgess, & Burgess, 2013). 

One of the main reasons why probation was instituted is to enable the offenders to reform while a little freedom is bestowed upon them.  The best probation condition that should be given to John is a standard condition.  Here John is expected to remain crime free.  The crime he committed is not unique to one person, but it affects his relationship with everyone from his vicinity. It is not peculiar to a kind of the offense but general as it is societal in nature. In the standard probation condition, John is expected to stay drug-free, remain crime free and make sure to meet with the probation officer as and when required(Kathryn, 2013). One particular condition required to given to John is the denial of access to computer and internet activities. The option that is not appropriate John is being allowed to be with his family and friend for this act influences him negatively.

Question 1 Part B

The victim should be put under intermediate residential sanction. The fact that he has violated probation for sometimes should prompt a closer supervision.  This individual needs to be monitored using electronic devices to tame their behavior once they are about to do a misdemeanor. He should also be confined to his area of residence since he is taking drugs.  This move will make him not access the drugs (Coy, 2012). To derail him from getting the drugs, the communications with the outside world should also be monitored and restricted to check his movement from one place to another.  These sanctions are only available through intermediate residential probation sanctions (Douglas, Burgess, & Burgess, 2013).

Boot camps are preferred for this client also.  The boot camps will help segregate the victim from the community. The boot camp is very necessary here for it will instill military discipline into the victim.  The violations will stop if the offender is put under strict incarceration.  The ideas that he will get from the training will make him become discipline to pay his fines accordingly.  The arrogance in him could only be submerged through high-end restriction and disciplined training of the offender (Kathryn, 2013).  This sanction should be a front-end sanction where the courts should order for the incarceration and the terms and conditions for the probation should be prescribed by the tribunal of law. Have no option of access to drugs and any point in time.




Case 2

In this case, there are numerous things that the parole board has to look into while giving Joyce the parole.  One of them is the behavior change that Joyce has depicted over the period for which she has been sentenced.  A closer look at the kind of crime she did that brought her to be condemned is to be reviewed (Douglas, Burgess, & Burgess, 2013).  For example, if Joyce was convict of drug abuse and over the time she since left it, and then it is deemed that the behavior has changed.  The behavioral change is pegged with the kind of condition she has been put (Kathryn, 2013).  Addition, the board, will look into the records of the prison attendant to get the personal conduct of Joyce even as she is in jail.  The prison warden reports and documents help the board come up with stringent measure on how they can improve Joyce condition (Roberts, & Stalans, 2000). 

Another important issue at hand is to check into the duration for which Joyce has served her sentence.  This period will be compared with the length that is remaining for her to go home.  From that, these parameters will be put on the required threshold. If the threshold is met, then she will be released on parole. Past criminal records will also be thoroughly examined to come up with a high level of decision (Coy, 2012).  If the previous criminal record connotes a high moral decadence then, she will not be given that chance to be on the parole. As it stands, Joyce is not likely to be given the parole since her behavior has not changed much.  The records from the prison wardens also tell it all.  For her to qualify, she must have stayed for a longer time while serving her sentence which she has not.  To this effect, she is not legible for the parole. Just in case, she is put on probation, she should be restricted from getting in touch with her children. She should also be restricted from computer and such staff that might allow her communicates with her allies (Roberts, & Stalans, 2000).

Case 3: Negative issues of being a probation/parole officer

High Caseloads

High caseloads pose a major trouble for probation officials, who uphold that an increasing automation of numerous job duties hasn’t translated into encompassing with fewer lawbreakers. For example, a parole officer might deal with over 300 cases which they monitor the offenders on a daily basis.  The real advent of situation happens when they don’t even have the time for themselves because the workload is quite high (Roberts, & Stalans, 2000).

Low Pay

Low pay is a continuing frustration for experimentation officers, whose salaries don’t reflect how extended they keep on doing the job. Recently, the median yearly wage for probation detective and conduct correctional experts was $42,200(Coy, 2012). However, red tape, travel and job necessities keep probation officers running past a regular full-time calendar. For instance, many organizations rotate on-call point, which obliges the officer’s 24-hour accessibility to handle urgent situations.

Safety Threats

Probation officers are frequently required to labor in high offense areas, institutions or hostile environments. This makes the life of the probation offers are in danger because they are dealing directly with criminals

Stress and Burnout

Constant inspection by supervisors, politicians, and the public make probation officers vulnerable to strain and exhaustion that damages job performance. The ups and downs they face in life make them so fatigued that make their lives quite difficult (Kathryn, 2013).














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Roberts, J. V., & Stalans, L. J. (2000). Public opinion, crime, and criminal justice. Boulder, Colo: Westview Press.



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Sample Essay on Probation, Parole, and Community Correction Work

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Sample Essay on Probation, Parole, and Community Correction Work

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