Sample Essay on Justice from Four Perspectives: Family, Community, State and Nation

Same-sex couples face challenges in issues of justice when they move from one state to another (Andryszewski, 2008). The issue emerges from the differences in laws that govern different states in the US. A couple that moves from a state where same-sex marriage is lawful to a state that prohibits same-sex marriage lacks commutative and distributive justice in the current state. To counter this problem and to ensure that commutative and distributive justice prevails for the couples, they should ensure that they consider identifying other states that legalize same-sex marriages when relocating their private businesses. States operate under different laws and hence the couple has to operate under the laws of the current state. In an urbanized and social liberal community, the same-sex couple will have the right to commutative justice since the individuals will be recognized as partners or as a couple. The partners will also have the right to distributive justice since the state recognizes them as domestic partners, regardless of their sex. They will receive insurance and other fringe benefits from the government.

In the rural state where the same-sex couple lives, the couple may face mixed reactions from the observers. Those observers who are part of the “Bible-belt” would be utterly against the extension of commutative and distributive justice to the couple (Andryszewski, 2008). Other observers would have different opinions on the same, and hence the fate of the couple would rely on the final decision of the state. The couple may have either distributive justice, commutative justice, both distributive and commutative justice, or no justice at all. On the other hand, same-sex couples living in any state in the nation of the US may face different reactions towards the extension of justice in different states. The couple may have commutative and distributive justice in one state but lack justice in another state. It all depends on the laws that govern different states, as some states may prohibit same-sex marriages while others legalize them (Andryszewski, 2008).


Andryszewski, T. (2008). Same-sex marriage: Moral wrong or civil right? Minneapolis: Twenty-First Century Books.