Sample Essay on Criminal Justice Agencies

Law Enforcement Agency

One of the law enforcement agency highly recognized in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, 2016). An enforcement agency of the FBI helps fight crime within the state and keep the country safe against terror attacks. The agency’s mission statement is to protect the American people and uphold the constitution of the state.

The FBI website provides information about the most wanted fugitives and the missing persons. It has also provided an online platform for citizens to pass relevant information of whatever they consider suspicious or criminal activities. The FBI website provides a definition of the services the FBI does as an agency. Some of these services include the laboratory service specifically crime labs for testing specific evidence found at crime scenes. There is a link showing what the agency investigates including terrorism ranging from cyber crimes and other terrorist activities, and public corruption.

The agency provides a number of programs including community outreach programs. The outreach programs assist the FBI to create and strengthen their relationship with the public. Such relationships create a platform for the community to pass important information that is necessary to prevent crime. As such, the FBI can adequately safeguard the well-being of people from all manner of attacks. The FBI website also offers a program to apply for a job in the agency and provides career paths for applicants to select the specific career of their interest. This agency differs from the other two since it targets lawbreakers and terrorist activities and aims at stopping such offenders before they endanger the safety of the public. Most of all, it identifies potential terrorists and arrests them before any dangerous activities.

Court System

An example of the court system is the office of the judiciary (Courts and Tribunals Judiciary, 2017). The mission statement of the judiciary is to provide fair and unbiased justice preserving the integrity of the constitution. The website provides information about the definition of the judiciary and their role in upholding the constitution by providing impartial judgment.

The judiciary website also provides a platform informing the public of the activities undertaken by the court, judicial review, appeal processes and how judgment is determined. Such information creates public awareness to empower people to recognize what is expected of them in such settings.

The website also provides a list of related offices and bodies that work hand in hand with the judicial system. It is impartial for the public to know and understand of the different bodies that are relevant to be able to access such at instances where they need assistance in issues relating to the law.

Some of the programs offered by the judiciary include student judicial programs, which helps the interested parties in the public to get relevant information needed to join this group. It offers a career guide, which helps to identify a relevant field in the judicial system that fits criteria for individuals. It also provides the functions that offer in the judicial system are involved in and the judgment passed for different cases depending on the charge. This agency differs from the other two given that it only passes judgment to offenders as a form of punishment for their crimes. The court system works hand in hand with other law enforcement agencies to uphold the rule of law. Judgments that are passed are dependent upon the criminal act and are based on the constitution.

Correctional Facility

An example of a correctional facility is the West Virginia Division of corrections (West Virginia division of Corrections, 2016). The mission statement aims at improving public well-being by providing safe and humane correctional facilities that rehabilitate public lawbreakers and assist fatalities of crime.

The website provides the mission statement, vision and core values of the facility towards administering its services to the public. It also has a platform for searching offenders who have been at one time put into the system. This helps the public and even employers to know individuals with prior arrests, be able to treat them in a way that does not seclude them, and at the same time pay attention to their activities.

This agency provides a variety of programs accessible to the public. One of the programs conducted is the career in correction for individuals interested in joining the agency. Interested people have the chance of getting to know what is required of them before joining the correctional agencies. This site also provides victim services for those individuals who have been affected and need counseling to cope up with their situations. There are offender programs that state the different type of offenses in the public sector and its objective in assisting such offenders to adjust to their conditions. This agency differs from the other two in that it is aimed at rehabilitating the public offenders and ensuring it carries out the rule of law, as per the judgment passed by the court.

The correctional facilities work in conjunction with the court system and other law agencies to bring about change in the society that upholds the constitution. The remand and other rehabilitation programs are for offenders to find their way and rejoin the society.


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