Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Work and Ethics

As a correctional officer, I have personally encountered and also witnessed several ethical conflicts and tensions especially from my colleagues. In some cases, tensions arise between professional code of conduct and personal principles. This is because this professional deals with sensitive issues including incarceration of criminals, training them on good behavior and parolees. These functions have to be performed the nature of crimes committed by these individuals notwithstanding. Moreover, this is the key aspect of our job that courses ethical conflicts. In most cases, my coworkers have risen above their individual reservations towards the criminals and executed their duties with high level of professionalism. However, I have also seen a few of them especially new employers who fail the ethical test and failure to effectively and professionalism seize the ethical moments in the course of their duty. Some failed to reconcile their personal views on the criminals especially those who committed serious crimes such rape and murder. Some ended up resigning from their jobs while some have also been suspended or transferred for misconduct.

Having a strong ethical standing is very important to me not for my profession but also personal life. Good ethics are the moral compass and foundation of every decision that I make. My successes in this profession and personally are strongly linked to good ethics. It would be very difficult to correct the criminals and teach them good morals that would facilitate their integration into the society if I lacked good ethics. It would amount to hypocrisy if I do not practice or believe in what I am urging others to emulate. Therefore, good ethics plays a major role in a correctional facility.