Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Justice

Fair judgment should be accorded to every accused person. For any offense committed, justice should always prevail while giving a verdict on the case. Arguably, law enforcement agencies should ensure that offenders get treatments as per the law. In the current society, most criminals are chronic offenders who are always convicted for various crimes committed. Notably, the chronic offenders are always charged with capital offenses for instance robbery with violence. Most of the chronic offenders serve their terms in prison and come out of prison unchanged. Likewise, some of them do not serve their terms in prison due to lack of sufficient evidence. In most instances, offenders who are not charged due to lack of evidence are more likely to get involved in recurrent crimes than those who serve their terms in prisons.

First time offender should not be treated the same way as a chronic offender. The punishment for the chronic offender should be more severe than that for a first time offender. For instance, if found guilty, the chronic offender should serve for a longer time in jail as a form of severe punishment. Criminals who regularly get arrested for either same crime or a different one should be punished severely as they take advantage of every situation.

Arguably, first-time offenders are in most cases charged for minor offenses. Therefore, they should not be treated in the same way as the chronic offenders. To prevent the habit of continuous crimes committed by the chronic offenders, they should be harshly punished to discourage others from engaging in endless crimes.

Notably, if first-time offenders realize the severe punishment given to chronic offenders, they will be discouraged from committing subsequent crimes after completing their terms in jail. Also, the severe punishments given to chronic offenders would discourage most people from committing crimes.