Sample Coursework Paper on Social challenges in groups Identities

A group refers to any organized persons with subjective goal to achieve within a specified period of time. In agroup always, there are rules to govern the daily operations. For instance, when creating long term organizational goals, there is always need to be very conscious of different organization social structures making up an organization. The diversity needs should always come hand in hand because different people have different perceptions in new cultures, norms, institutional values, and religious set up.If these are not met adequately the organization is deemed to crumble into disunity.

For an organizational set up to operate smoothly there is need to consider the following aspects of life. One of them is an individual importance to an organization, two is the gender roles in the organization the other is the level of inequality of performance.  Another important aspect is the percentage of tolerance and finally the substitution of long term and short needs in an organization. All these are organizational challenges that are faced at the long term operations.

As we all know it is hard to satisfy each individual need in an organization, the organization can resort to the positive value distinctiveness approachwhereby, an individual’s psychological concepts such as the affective domain and social identity are provided for. This in turn will give them to a feeling of self-belonging in the organization. When this achieved there will be intrinsic motivation within an individual.

So it is the role of the organization to ensure that an individual interest is met fully. The satisfaction can be met through organizational proper democratic elective suggestions. However, when these issues of social and affective domains are not addressed an organization can turn into a chaotic field for the dissatisfied members.