Sample Capstone Project Paper on Development of Specialized Unit

Develop needs analysis

Agriculture is a very important department in the country in regards to the basic supply of food materials in the United States. It has been observed that a higher percentage of all departments include specialized units for the agricultural crimes sector. Numerous reports of agricultural theft have occurred all around the country (McKinley). This, therefore, prompts the issue of the government strategy to eradicate these discrepancies in the protection of citizen’s agricultural property. In fact, the wave of thefts has become so rampant such that the perpetrators are not only interested in the machinery, tools, and equipment’s, but also the actual farms produce (Coveno). These alarming elevated levels need to be addressed in order for the police department to execute their most primary function, enhancing the quality of life for its citizens. It is particularly important to address the specified issues in agricultural crimes using a well-defined strategy so as to eliminate future incidences of the scenarios or at least, reduce the tendencies of the recurrence of such crimes.

Justifications for new unit

On account of the addressed problem, the police department requires a specialized unit to deal with this specific segment of criminal activity. A well-organized agricultural crimes division would serve the purpose of conducting investigations relevant to the crimes while the necessary evidence can be used to identify the perpetrators. Moreover, the evidence collected could help to identify patterns that could be helpful in identifying future occurrences through profiling of the common behaviors among the suspected criminals (“Specialised Police | ALRC”). Furthermore, citizens under potential risk of losing their agricultural-related items could be more at ease with the elevated levels of security in the department.

Proposal for new unit

An agricultural crimes unit is a crucial specialized unit that would work to ensure that the goals of the police department are achieved and the law enforced. The unit would comprise of the basic elements of any specialized unit in regards to the policies and policing strategies that would be pertinent to the collection of evidence as well conducting investigations related to these areas. The agricultural crimes unit should also incorporate the relevant education and training in regards to the specific work functions of various departments within the agricultural sector, as it relates to the specified jurisdiction. Besides, the agricultural crimes unit should also incorporate liaisons to the courts and prosecutors, not to mention liaisons to other specialized units that might be instrumental to the investigations conducted under the unit.

Justification for new unit

A specialized unit that encompasses all the relevant elements that would enhance the functionality of the system would be prudent to the preset work functions. The specialized unit, in its totality, would be able to address any pertinent crimes involving agricultural materials and produce. Consequently, with increased security in this department, there is an expected increment in the output of the farms as well as any agricultural research facilities situated in various parts within the jurisdiction of the police department’s agricultural crimes unit (“Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit – Metropolitan Police Service”). The collective combination and utilization of resources to support specified areas has been linked to success in the enhancement of the quality of life among its stakeholders. All in all, the application of the system would require active participation and engagement by the police department and the relevant agricultural experts, so as to maintain the required levels of delivery.

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