Sample Admission Essay Paper on Plagiarism Test

The items have been evaluated based on the guidance provided by Indiana University.

Item 1: Is not plagiarism

The student has placed the adopted words within quotes. The words are also accompanied by a complete in-text citation including the author’s name, date and specific place of origin within the source. There is also a bibliographic reference attached.

Item 2: paraphrasing plagiarism

The students work is an adoption of ideology that is not accompanied by an in-text citation. It also lacks the characteristics of word- for – word plagiarism.

Item 3: Word- for- word plagiarism

The work I characterized by seven words in sequence, lack of quotation marks around the copied section and no in- text citation.

Item 4: Word- for- word plagiarism

In the fourth item, the copied section is not placed within quotation marks. At the same time, the in-text citation is not complete since it does not include the specific point of origin of the words quoted.

Item 5: Word- for- word plagiarism

This also includes seven words in the exact sequence in which they appear in the original text. The words are not placed within quotation marks and have no completed in- text citation.

Item 6: Word- for- word plagiarism

The section of work done by the student contains ideologies copied word- for- word from the original source. The words are not enclosed in quotations neither are they accompanied by in-text citation.

Item 7: Word – for – word plagiarism

Although the copied words are enclosed within quotation marks, the in-text citation is complete since there is no date included.

Item 8: This is not plagiarism

The copied words are included within quotation marks, accompanied with complete in- text citation and bibliographic references.

Item 9: This is not plagiarism

Like in the last case, the items presented by the student are enclosed by quotation marks and have completed in- text citations and bibliographic references.

Item 10: Word- for- word plagiarism

The work contains more than seven copied words in sequence and has quotation marks surrounding it. However, there is no bibliographic reference attached and the in-text citation is incomplete.




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