Essay Sample Paper on Employment: Police Officer Job in Dubai


The Dubai Police Force (DPF) was established on June 1st 1956. Under the direction of H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum or the ruler of Dubai, it operates under a slogan emphasizing on quality. As a result, it uses excellent performance standards by highly defining and describing the police tasks, duties, and jurisdictions officers ought to meet and fulfill. It also takes pride in the creative initiatives appreciating personal excellence and team work. Ultimately, the DPF strives to prevent crime to maintain security, order, general peace and stability to protect and honor peoples’ lives and properties (Abdulla 25). The report, therefore, will discuss the limitations and benefits experienced by the DPF and how they impact the officers’ abilities to undertake their roles.

Limitations of the Dubai Police Force

Jassem Mohammed Abdulla authored determinants of job satisfaction among the DPF officers.  He stated that DPF is among the most successful police sectors across the Middle East. It is, however, experiencing the increasing complexity of crimes which has been a challenge as the organization strives to enhance job satisfaction among the employees to improve levels of commitment while improving DPF’s ability to deliver quality services (Abdulla 269). The author also noted that DPF ought to periodically investigate financial elements as officers’ perception of current salary scale and incentives are at the lowest. Adequate salaries can encourage police officers to avoid switching police organizations in attempts to access better financial benefits. They can also ensure the police officers neither engage nor embrace corruption and malpractice within the organizational force (Abdulla 270). DPF should, therefore, carry out a benchmarking exercise to remain competitive in regards to officers’ salaries. Consequently, it can attract more United Arab Emirates nationals to work with DPF. More so, the officers will not be involved in cases of police corruption and malpractice.

Benefits of the Dubai Police Force

Jassem noted that the DPF officers believe the employment policies are favorable. For example, DPF relies on the consultative decision-making style. It is also known as Shura and deeply rooted in the Islamic tradition. The decision-making procession has been encouraging the police officers to participate in determining opportunities to seize and measures to implement to enhance job satisfaction while attaining the organization’s goals and objectives. The DPF is recognized as the first Arabic Police Force to apply DNA testing during criminal investigations and implement the paperless concept. As a result, it has won several first prizes locally and internationally acknowledging that police officers within the DPF organization are keen in attaining and enhancing public order. For example, it won the first prize for adopting the Community Policing Program and establishing a Human Right Department (Abdulla 273).

According to Asma All Zain, DPF has embraced the mandatory health insurance policy by ensuring every police officer and their families own a health policy. It provides all police officer with health care insurance coverage to avoid paying fines as stated under the Executive Council Resolution No. 7 of 2016. For example, the Dubai Health Authority had to extend the deadline that was set to ensure all employees including police officers and their families are issued with a health care policy to March 31st 2017. The DPF ensures local and international or visa-holders working as police officers have a policy enabling them to access healthcare at convenient locations (Zain 1). Ultimately, these benefits have enhanced teamwork and encouraged the police officers to work together all the time within the jurisdictions of the tasks and duties they ought to fulfill. In conclusion, the DPF organization ought to enhance policies enhancing employee satisfaction. Subsequently, levels of teamwork among the police officers will improve and the department’s efforts to sustain and maintain security and order will be attained.

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