Coursework Sample paper on Local Government and Homeland Security

A case in point that illustrates the role of the local government or the mayor role that concern the homeland security is the 9/11 terrorist attack of the year 2011. The responsibility of homeland security in this case was to ensure that the incident did not occur in the first place. However, since the event occurred, the state, city, locals and the mayor office had to play a role. These are the role that the homeland security could not perform but only the local authorities (Surette, 2014).

In this case the local or the mayor lead government had the role of transporting, putting down the fire, providing health care facilities, and providing security to all those around the area. These are important roles that the homeland security is supposed to provide as this was an external attack, but due to the situation at the time the local government had to play a role to salvage the situation before it got worse (Martin, 2016). The local government also played a great role in carrying out the investigation of what had happened and identifying the culprit who did the act.

In this situation we see that the mayor conference interferes with the homeland security roles in ensuring that the threat, hazard and the consequences are dwelt with in the fastest way possible. The mayor only needs to get the simple guidance of the homeland security officers on their jurisdiction to ensure they do not hinder the homeland security from carrying out their investigation. The case here shows that the mayors should have more executive powers to carryout there role in an effective way within the homeland security jurisdiction. The benefit of mayors having more executive power is that such events will be quickly solved or even prevented (Steiner, &Wooldredge, 2015).




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