Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Scamper Model

To reduce or eliminate the numerous cases of unemployment among the youth in a
particular city, the government set aside funds to support entrepreneurship. These funds were
meant to fund most, if not all, young people in the town to start a business of their choice. A
committee that majorly comprised of the region was set created to help execute the whole project
and ensure that the funds were utilized correctly for their intended purpose. However, it's been
four months, and only five youths received funds in the first month. The committee has gone
silent, and the youths who were very hopeful are now rioting around the streets demanding for
the funds to be released. The government confirmed the disbursement of all the funds required in
the project. Therefore, the committee is to blame for the delays. As an auditor assigned by the
city's government to assess the committee's activities, I gave recommendations on how to deal
with the committee using the SCAMPER model.
The committee comprises of political leaders who are barely concerned and about matters
of the youth. They understand little of what the youths are going through and are therefore less
proactive in accomplishing the project. The members are political leaders who have many other
matters that they attend to, which possibly suppress the time available for the committee to
process the funds. The committee has embezzled funds from the current reports, proving that the
members are not genuine enough to handle the project. Therefore, I recommend that the


committee members handling project, especially those that are into politics, should be
eliminated. The removal of these members will reduce the delays, and the embezzlement of
funds meant for the project.
After eliminating the committee members, there will be a need to substitute them with
new board members for the continuation of the project. The government should select very
competent members who are able leaders that are close to the youths. These leaders should have
a good understanding of the youth in the region, including what they lack, their capabilities, the
resources they possess and all the problems they go through. Having young people in the
committee is vital as they are familiar with all the challenges the other youths face and their
needs. It will not be easy for them to embezzle the funds since they understand the project's
importance among the youths. The committee will also fasten the process of funds disbursement
since the new members would not have other significant matters to attend to when they should be
executing the project.
After checking into the methods used in allocating the funds and the whole process of
executing the project, I have observed that the committee was very ignorant of many things,
including the aspect of time management. The committee's meetings, which were hardly held,
were scheduled haphazardly, and the communication is very wanting. There was little
consultation of expertise, and so the decisions were less informed. I would recommend that the
new board adapts more effective ways to ensure that the whole project is done conveniently and
without delays (Jacobson et al, 2020). They should seek professionals when allocating the funds
and when making important decisions to ensure that they are sound and informed. They should
adapt new techniques and use more effective communication methods among them, for instance,


email. They should also send frequent messages giving updates to the youths on their progress
with the project to eliminate doubt and reduce complaints.
I have also observed that how the funds have been allocated will not allow all the youths
to benefit from the project. Half of the proposed youths are the only ones likely to be granted
funds if the current plan is to be used in executing the project. Therefore, the new committee
must modify the fund's allocation plan to ensure that all the youth benefits from the project. They
should reduce the number of funds allocated to each group and expand the list of those that are
intended to benefit from the plan. The committee should also modify the meeting schedules to
accommodate frequent meetings that would help to fasten the processing and the disbursement of
funds (Idek,2016) Making these changes is very necessary as it will help the committee to run
the project more effectively and conveniently.
To ensure that the project is quickly and conveniently executed, the government should
support the committee with a selected group of experts to advise on the matters that need
professional guidance. These experts could include entrepreneurs, accountants, financial advisers
and project managers. This group of experts could combine forces with the committee to
enhance the formulation of effective techniques and enhance the effectiveness of the project. It
would fasten the processing and disbursement of funds and ensure that every aspect of the
project is well taken care of properly. Combining the committee efforts and the professional
forces will further enhance the success and productivity of the project, which will lead to
satisfaction among the youths as well as the government.
The primary cause for the failure and the delayed execution of this project is the
committee that has been assigned with the task of allocating funds to the youth. The protests by
the youth is a sign that their expectations on the timelines under which they would receive the


funds have been violated. Quick action had to be taken to meet the demands and eliminate chaos
in the city. The government has already put into action some of the above recommendations, and
things are moving very fast, and the project is being executed effectively. The government has
sucked most of the previous committee members and has replaced them with the younger and
more informed members. The current committee is very proactive, and the group of professional
acting along the committee is giving great advice and guidance to the committee. Within a span
of a month, the project is now halfway, and both the government and the youth are quite
impressed with the progress. It is therefore conclusive that the recommendations on the
execution of the project were quite helpful.


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