Sample Coursework on Engineering

This system works through magnetic induction,Also known as inductive charging,alternating current (AC) or direction current (DC) passes through a cable in wireless charger causing a magnetic field, the battery is charged by a coil connected to it from the device.

Since this innovation falls under science and technology industry/market, partnering with companies that produce products with chargeable batteries like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple,   would be a better start, Retail stores would also serve a great deal since most of the clients visit retail shops.

Lead strategy  with the expectation of an increase in demand the company may increase it production capacity in large amounts. Also known as an aggressive strategy with the aim of “stealing” customers away from the company dealing with same products, done  by enhancing service level and reduce stock out costs.

Lag strategy is done when company is operating on maximum capacity or beyond, It decreases the wastage, but losses may be incurred in case of stock out or unappealing service levels.

Match strategy implies increasing of production capacities in small amounts, its an average strategy

Adjustment strategy is adding or reducing in small to deal with customer’s demand

Since this innovation is a cross-compatibility, it will reduce the burden of wires and cables and will be more efficient since it batteries are charged wirelessly and without the power source. It also gives an added since mobile, not bulky and light weight and its meant for everyone.

Batches are effective way when it comes to any marketing, in case of an emergency huge order a company copes with it to avoid stock out which will help in keeping,Maintain and increasing customer’s numbers.