Sample Paper on Case Project

A router helps determine the shortest path for networks. Hosts from different logical networks can be in a position to communicate with one another. It can also be applied in the case of two networks as a gateway of connecting other networks. It is therefore crucial for Lisa to use the router considering the prevailing circumstances. If however, the networks are on the same practical line, it would be unnecessary to use a router.

A viable option to act upon, as proposed by Jennifer, is using a bridge. A bridge allows only available known networks to get connected. It does not incorporate OIS model in its layer hence unable to distinguish networks. Thus, a bridge should be applied in the event Sampson uses similar networks within its premises. In addition, it does not recognize communication protocol rather allows media to access physical means such as IP address and media access control (MCA) respectively.

Sampson could also use a brouter, as suggested by Moe, which has both routable and non-routable protocol features. Non-routable OSI is double-layered unlike routable OSI which operates with a triple-layer protocol. Such a combination significantly reduces operation cost. Sampson should consider using a router because their needs are not complex in terms of network connections. Both hub and repeater can be used as a connection between two computers. They use OIS model first layer hence a cheap way to link computers.
Wireless router, broadband Internet connection, wireless network adapters plus a modem are required to connect an 802.11 wireless network. The modem needs to be set up for all computers hence placing the router at a strategic position where signal is most strong. The pros of using a wireless network are that it is cost-efficient while at the same time venerable to hackers and attacks.