Sample Essay on Tablet Device

A tablet is a device that performs the same tasks as a computer. Its advantage is that it is portable.

Task Description

The purpose of this project is to ascertain the problems encountered by users and strategies to use in averting the ordeal. Therefore, the goals and objectives of the project are to determine the efficiency of the product is performing the three functions that include

  • processing speed and battery use while the internet is running
  • usability and flexibility of the functional keys
  • compatibility with other devices through port connection
Brief Description of the Task

The project is specific towards the function ability of tablets in helping individuals carry out their daily duties. Participants will be expected to:

  1. Open the Internet platforms and start downloading documents with numerous images to record the processing speed. The percentage reduction of battery charge will also be recorded.
  2. Type a one page documents using the devices (functional keys flexibility).
  3. Connect their tablet to external devices (compatibility).


Materials Required

The following materials will be provided:

  • Three tablets
  • USB connector
  • stopwatch to keep time
  • camera to connect to tablets
Successful Completion Criteria (SSC)

All the participants will be briefed prior to their contribution about what is expected of them. In addition, the URL of one site that incorporates images to be opened will facilitate the study. Completing the task means that a person has performed the three tasks within thirty minutes.

Timing or other Benchmarks

The three participants will be selected amongst my friends at school. Each one of them will take thirty minutes to perform the designated task. Recording of information will run concurrently as the participant engages in the ordeal. This will take place at school.