Sample Essay on Social Computing Sites

Because of the contemporary communication pattern, nearly everybody has at least a page on a networking site. I in particular, have several pages from different social sites including Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. These sites are important as they help in communication and receiving various views from different parts of the world. The social media sites also helps in media sharing where videos, texts or photos are shared. The posts may lead to public discussions which help enlighten a person as well as creating groups that can assist one another in advice and other social requirements.

Q2. Despite the fact that social media sites acts as communication channels, there are some contents that I would not post on the post, or like anybody to post. Some of these contents include information/photos/video that contains erotic materials, those that constitutes insults, those that may lead to racial discrimination and biasness, and those that may demean my personal characters among others

Q3. On the use of social networks by employees, firms should have in place set policy that governs the use of social media during the company hours. One of the policies should include denying access to various social media sites during working hours. At the same time, the company can establish the behavioral norms that the employees ought to follow when using the social networking sites. Policies prohibiting posting of company information on these sites should be affected. Disciplinary actions should be spelled out so that the employees understand the consequences of violating the company social media policy. The company could also inform the employees on its ability to monitor their usage of the social media while within the organization.

Q4. Being used by millions of peoples, social media sites can be a threat to security. One of the practical threats is the exposure of persons, or company’s private information to unintended persons (data theft).  The disclosure of information may be used by hackers and other cyber criminals to extort money, or give the competitors an advantage to get confidential information. Accessing information may lead to identity theft and clickjacking that allows the hackers to control of another person’s information. Other security threats include elicitation, pharming, phishing, and freaking among others.

Q5. Social media can tarnish the reputation of a company in a big way.  By providing a negative image on the company, or on its product, many people may embrace the negative publicity, thus refusing to buy from the company. At the same time, in case of an error in the company’s, operations, the spread would have too much impact that the operations, sales as well as promotions would be greatly affected.

Q6. One of the ways in which social media enhances a company reputation is through direct marketing. When a product is liked by a group of customers who indicates their likes on the product, this may raise the reputation as well as the sales of the product. It also gives the company a competitive advantage over others. At the same time, the social sites help the company in selling their products or the company image by providing important information and advice to the clients. This makes the company act as a reference source to many people who visit the sites. At the same time, if the company’s products are liked by many, then, the reputation would also be enhanced.