Sample Capstone Project Paper on Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions are browser applications that are developed to improve the functionality of Google Chrome browser (Wawro and Marco 92). These extensions are normally developed by use of web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The browser (Google Chrome) has its own APIs and architecture for creating different extensions through different coding. The extensions allow automatic transformation of written URL text into clickable links (Wawro and Marco 92). Extensions are developed to make the browser meaner, leaner, and more efficient. According to Walter (2015), extensions are able to transform the normal Google chrome from a mere search engine into a productive search engine (138).

Google Chrome offers features that enable developers to make updates for their extensions without notifying the users. However, web developers are supposed to work within the Google use policies that protect users from malicious developers. The most notable extension in Google Chrome includes Gmail Offline, which allows a person to disconnect distractions from the internet and focus on their inbox. Grammarly lite, an extension that works closely with the browser window to check both grammar and spelling as a person types. Smart Inbox for Gmail, an extension that shows social media accounts for the people you email so that you can have more interaction with others. Email this page is an extension that enables a person to quickly send a website or highlighted section to a person who might be interested in it. Google Quick Scroll whisks a person straight to the search terms within any given website. Chrome Toolbox enables a person to open multiple bookmarks with a single click, and cache un-submitted data in order to avoid retyping the words every time a new profile is created. Earth View is an extension  that provides random displays of satellite images of the earth surface. Google Calendar is an extension that provides quick access for the creation of new events and monitoring upcoming schedules. Save to Google Drive enables a person to save some items in Google drive with a single click (Wawro and Marco 92).

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