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Sample Argumentative Essay on Abortion

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Sample Argumentative Essay on Abortion


Abortion refers to removal of a fetus or an embryo from the uterus before the pregnancy is carried to full term. This act has led to controversial debates with various parties supporting and others opposing it. It is difficult to conclude the debate as it involves making the decision whether a human being has the right to life or death. More so, the human being, the fetus or embryo lacks an opportunity to provide their personal insights. As a result, uncertain and complex argumentative positions continue to be provided through the debate. The positions are based on various aspects. For example, some people assert the constitution defends abortion. Conversely, other parties claim abortion denies the fetus civil and human rights even before it is born. More so, they claim it is against religious teachings as human beings should not have the right to decide between life and death. This argumentative essay argue that abortion should be legalized. It will provide various valid reasons and explanations.


Proposing Arguments

The United States constitution permits acts of abortion. This is through the enumerated right allied to privacy and reproductive liberties. The Supreme Court since 1973 during the Roe vs. Wade court case asserted that, abortion is can be carried out legally especially within the first trimester. Thus, women willing to undertake abortion should not be denied the opportunity as they are permitted and protected by the constitution. There are several women who report that their pregnancy was due to rape. Rape involves engaging with a woman sexually against her will. It is physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically harmful and damaging to the woman. Thus, if a woman falls pregnant after a rape ordeal, they should be allowed to utilize their civil and human liberties to with regards to abortion. More so, carrying a child as a result to rape can be a healthy risk both to the child and the mother. Thus, mothers should be allowed to decide whether to carry the pregnancy to full term or abort it and commence the healing process in order to recover from the rape ordeal (Polly 3).

It is often claimed that, illegalizing abortion will prompt women to seek the services from dangerous health care institutions in order to avoid convictions. Thus, abortion should be legalized to protect women and children from unethical, illegal, and dangerous as well as unlicensed healthcare providers taking advantage. This will further enhance qualities of healthcare in the country hence, improved socioeconomic conditions (NPA/F 2).

According to Polly Bergen, sometimes it is crucial for an expectant woman to undertake abortion in order to save her health. This is often experienced if the pregnancy poses healthcare risks. For example, a woman can lose her life if she carries a pregnancy to full term due to high blood pressure and heart attacks. In such cases, health care providers often recommend for an abortion in order to save the woman’s life. Thus, illegalizing abortion can result to loss of several lives as women will have to carry a pregnancy to full term despite facing healthcare risks (Polly, 3).

Parties opposing abortion base their arguments on legal and religious aspects. For example, they assert abortion should be illegalized as it violates religious and cultural teachings striving to enhance morality and ethics in the community. They however forget that human beings under the constitution are allowed to make personal decisions within the law. Thus, if a woman decides to procure an abortion, she should not be prosecuted or condemned on religious, cultural, and ethical basis as the law protects her choice (NPA/F 5).

Opposing Arguments

According to Patrick Lee and Robert George, abortion is an immoral act. This is because it involves killing an innocent life. They assert an embryo is a human being based on the following facts. Foremost, when the sperm unites with an ovum, DNA molecules are formed in order to guide formation of a new and unique individual. Thus, it is crucial to note the human life starts when sexual reproduction cells combine. Aborting the new and unique individual is therefore an unethical and immoral act as human beings lack the power to decide between life and death. Thus, they argue abortion should not be legalized (Patrick and Robert 14).

According to the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund, abortion should not be legalized as it is increasing maternal mortality rates. This is because abortion is an act that threatens women’s health in various ways while violating principles of justice protecting the basic right to life. National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund quotes ‘The Lancet Medical Journal’ which published an article in 2010 asserting that abortion rates are increasing among developed nations. Consequently, maternal conditions and basic health care to achieve prenatal care are decreasing as abortion poses various dangers to expectant women. For example, they risk bleeding to death and/or damaging their reproduction system. These healthcare risks can deny them an opportunity to experience motherhood. Consequently, they can lead to women carrying highly risky and unstable pregnancies in the future characterized with high blood pressure which further decrease quality of maternal care. Thus, abortion should not be legalized in order to protect women and enhance the quality of maternal and prenatal care (NRLETF 2).

Serena Gaefke also provides several reasons asserting abortion should be not be legalized. For example, she asserts that women make a decision to abort as an unwanted choice due to lack of support. She asserts that, expectant women often feel overwhelmed. Thus, they should be encouraged, supported, and provided with medical advice to motivate them carrying the pregnancy to full term. Thus, abortion should not be legalized as it will provide women with an opportunity to make an unwanted and unnecessary decision which also poses healthcare risks. More so, abortion is a physical and spiritual act that involves denying a human being to live a completely fulfilling life which is also immoral (Serena 26).


Foremost, it is evident that illegalizing abortion does not prevent women from seeking and procuring the service. This is because, they seek abortion services from illegal and unsafe institutions increasing maternal deaths. Thus, abortion should be legalized to enhance quality of maternal and prenatal healthcare. Abortion should also be legalized on legal basis without considering religious aspects. This is because illegalizing abortion on basis of morality, religion, and spirituality is unfair and unjust without including contraceptives in the same category. More so, such ideologies differ among cultures. Thus, people should be allowed to make a choice to abort based on the implemented legal laws without being restricted due to diversity. Lastly, it is crucial to note legalized abortions are safe. Thus, they cannot end or restrict reproduction among women unless undertaken illegally and unsafely. The country should therefore embrace the legal views supporting abortion.



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Sample Argumentative Essay on Abortion

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Sample Argumentative Essay on Abortion

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Sample Argumentative Essay on Abortion

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