Sample Paper on Plagiarism in Florida National University

Florida National University is an academic giant where many scholars have shaped their future. The aim of every student is to pursue in education and have a great and excellent future full of delight and countless opportunities. Nevertheless, at times during the course of a focused and future-oriented student, there come distracters, which could hinder the ability to achieve the set goals. It becomes difficult for the students to do well in their studies when the occurring problems are not listened and attended to. Plagiarism is a major problem that has been affecting the students of Florida National University.

Plagiarism has become more rampant in Florida National University, and occurs mostly during the online classes. It has been a routine where, after being given a research assignment, students end up plagiarizing their work. Students submitting the same article, which has the same wording, may sometimes be slightly punished and the assignment taken for marking. In a case where half of the class submits similar work, in the same faculty, there could be a problem that would ruin the future of the students and the nation at large. Plagiarism is a factor that could hinder the success students. Finally, in future, they start regretting after facing a lot of problems in their career (Honig and Bedi 101-123). Some of the lecturers are aware of the problem, but seem to remain silent. Being a private institution could be the reason as to why some of the challenges facing the students at Florida National University are not handled accordingly; the intention of some lecturers may be to make the students pass without a follow-up of how they do it.

The major challenge is that when students plagiarize their work, they are in a position to do well in their results leaving the hardworking and honest students suffering. For instance, when results for examinations are out, the students who employed plagiarism in their exams end up passing and venturing to the best careers as their papers indicate they passed in the course (Honig and Bedi 101-123). Some of the students who work hard in their studies and remain honest end up not getting as good careers since they are already taken by those who cheated in their examinations. Nevertheless, when a student cheats in the examination and gets a good career, he/she may quit or be fired due to lack of skills. The lecturers in Florida National University should be keen to ensure that this issue is handled accordingly. Florida National University has very bright students, but some fail to utilize their knowledge accordingly.

The administration and the Lecturers should be on the frontline to ensure that students pursue their studies through legitimate means. They should ensure that any lecturer who is got tolerating plagiarism is fired or he/she is heavily fined (Garner 95-99). This would help to safe the future of the students and the nation at large. The future of the students lie in the hands of the lecturers thus they must ensure that students are pursuing their courses through safe and best methods for a prosperous future. The lecturers and administration should understand that by providing the best course and provoking plagiarism they will maintain the reputation of the school in that parents will desire to bring their students to Florida National University. In conclusion, students must comprehend that cheating is a fruitless and misleading method of attaining excellent results in their course, and that does not mean that they will enjoy the best careers for long as they may end up lacking the required skills.



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