Sample Paper on Assignment

The author introduces the topic by capturing the attention of the reader, mentioning how the Texas people love trucks and identifying how stressful it is to fuel them. He finally mentions the process by which the fuel is transferred from underground and made available to the trucks.

  1. The introduction is similar to previous paper introductions that I have completed. This is because there is a common element of giving the reader an overview of the subject matter, and providing a basis for them to be interested in reading further through the content.
  2. The thesis of the paper is: “… fracking should not be eliminated because of the millions of jobs it creates, the cheaper and cleaner alternative to oil it offers, and the independence and stability it gives the United States.” This is a straightforward thesis statement. It is similar to my previous thesis statement as there is a strong account given on the subject matter, affirming its importance and benefits.
  3. The author uses the strategy of identification of a feature, and description in paragraph form. This is through the explanation of how important fracking is, hence supporting the main ideas that were identified in the thesis statement.
  4. After stating the advantages of the fracking process, the author further identifies the disadvantages of the subject matter.
  5. The author addresses the counterargument, although he/she refutes the counter argument by further stating how the risks involved can be regulated to prevent environmental problems.
  6. The author concludes the essay in a positive manner, by stating how the subject matter improves the economy of a nation. Additionally, the conclusion gives the general view and the reason to continue practicing fracking.
  7. The strongest element of the paper is that it gives the reader the opportunity and liberty to know both the supporting and opposing sides of the paper.
  8. The author has made proper use of the source materials and has ensured that the content is properly cited, making the sources act as supporting materials to the document.
  • The shortcoming in the paper is that it does not identify the various ways that can be used to improve on the fracking process for reduced risks in the future.
  1. I have learned that it is essential to give a supportive account when discussing a concept. This is through giving enough reasons to educate the reader on why it is important to prefer one aspect over the other.