Sample Movie Review Paper on: The Southern Comfort(1981)

The director of the film, ‘southern comfort” has not done much to  cut a niche for himself in the line of fiction action movie, this is a movie I watched just  and was bored, apart from being so predictable to a fast time viewer, all the other aspects of the film are plain with few instances of heart throbbing actions.

The area where the film starts, is a place called bayou. The locals who are the Cajuns, use their mastery of the bayou terrain to hunt down and kill the less acquainted American guards who left their camp without permission. One by one who are to blame for spoiling for a fight with Cajun hunters and even playing prank on them by shooting on air. The local Cajuns hunters do not take this lightly and in response, shoot at the guards and kill the squad leader in the process. The Cajuns released their dogs on the guards, one of them attacks one solder by the name Stuckey but his comrades (Spencer and Hardin) managed to scare away the dog .The guards are faced by well placed traps by Cajuns and before they sleep, two soldiers are dead and buried.

Early the following morning, one of the guards, Reece, tries to force the Cajun man they took hostage to talk by immersing his head in water, however this does not go well with his mate, Hardin and they end up fighting, Hardin ended up killing Reece and the Cajun man managing to escape. The guards choose Spencer to take over the leadership role after guards are not pleased by the way Casper leads them. After a short time, the guards are shocked to see that the bodies of their comrades have been removed from the grave and are tied on trees, they get so scared that they take to their heels.

The guards spot an army helicopter above them and Stuckey tries to run after it but drowns in the sandy areas and efforts by other guards to find him do not bear fruits. You may call me a sadist but another part that I felt the film has reached a climax is when Casper tries to  fix his rifle to shoot a Cajun  that he had spotted but end up being shot at instead, and just to add more to the injury,Simms who on seeing Casper shot at and coming to see if he can carry him, is also shot at and killed at the same spot.

Spencer and other two guards(Hardin and Bowden) escape and find a place where they spend the night only to wake up in the morning and find that one of them who was disarmed is hanging on a tree, I don’t know if he hanged himself or it was the work of the Cajun man who was standing a few meters away. The Cajun man speaks in English this time to warn the guards to stay away from Cajun territory.

The two guards however survive after a heated fight between them and some two Cajun men and they leave the town and the film ends after they have spotted a helicopter that we assume came to pick them. That is the second suspense I find in that whole movie, and my final verdict………..the film is fairly good.

Southern comfort (1981) American action &thriller movie: Di