Sample Essay on Technology


When we were introduced to the technology, it was an assumption that this was an opportunity for human being to connect. The connection was viewed in terms of communication which is true technology has improved and facilitated. As the technology increases and people get connected, it is important to imagine or think about the level of human interaction and personal contact that we have with our families and friends. It is amazing how we shall realize that the technology that was supposed to connect us is in turn disconnecting us and drawing us apart. The disconnection is not only between us and the relatives and friends, but also between us. The use of technology at work and the social media is one of the major issues that brings controversy between the connect and disconnect concept in technology use.

Also based on the community level and the society at large, resilience is a factor that should never be overlooked when it comes to the mutual existence of a community or a society. If looked into deeper at the societal angle, it will be shocking to realize how technology has affected this virtue in the society (Arsovski, Zora, and Pawel 226).

In as much as we can get in touch with our peers, family and friends through Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and other social media it is a question to think of whether the smartphones and other electronic gadgets we own are driving us away from the real socializing.

The use of technology at work places has really improved the working conditions and how employers and employees interact with clients. This is evident in the use of emails and other technological tools at work. But, in as much as this is a boost to the economy and employment opportunities, the technology has involved people whose lives have reached to the critical point of overdepending on technology and finding no extra time with the families, spouses and children. Every time bosses are busy responding to their emails day and night and to the worst some have to spend extra time at work trying to fix issues. This has separated the actors from their marital relationships and responsibilities,

The depth of the innovations and advancement in the social media has brought about revolution to the society. It is now possible to hook up with a friend whom we interacted with while in school many years back. Families and friends can now connect via group charts and share ideas over the social media (Sol n.p). These are some of the positive impacts of technology among many. However some of the negative impacts that this connection has contributed to the disconnection among families and friends. Social media has separated people to the point of most of them have lost the touch and mutual connection even in marriages. Couples have no time of communication since at any free time one is on social media chatting and contributing to stories on group chats.

Teenagers have come to the point of committing suicide due to cyber-bullying and loneliness (Gonchar, 9). Children who cannot access the media have been bullied by others while the situation at home of their fathers having no time for them due to their preoccupation with working adding more stress to them. This has resulted to mental illness and even mysterious deaths among teens. Couples in tough situations are now opting to spend multiple hours in chat rooms rather than grieving and comforting each other. This is the intense to which technology has tempered with the social relationship in the community.

Talking of a resilient community as one whose people together possess the knowledge and skills of understanding that they need to meet their basic needs and have a healthy environment of both body and mind of all the members of the community. The technology entering the community has had a positive impact of transforming the lives of people in the community and raising their standards. However, it should be understood that the new era should not drift us in terms of our Biological life system. The problem is that technology has affected to people of most societies to thing as per their artificial minds forgetting the biological aspect of their surroundings (Etelson n.p). People are now lacking authentic wisdom and knowledge by taking pride of the inventions of some other experts. This has led to isolation of different members of the society and separation.


In conclusion, it is clear that almost a great percentage of people have embraced technology and it is driving the day to day life of almost every community. It has become so hard to do without technology even if one could wish to do so. The fact remains that technology is a double edge sword cutting through the society positively and negatively. The magnitude of the impacts is mutual and hence it will be upon the people to understand that there is abuse and know how to avoid the effect.


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