Sample Essay on Problematizing Adult learning Synthesis


This study analyzes the process of synthesizing ‘Problematizing Adult learning.’ The study seeks to find challenges, response, and the general effect of writing the Problematizing Adult learning Synthesis essay. Adult learning is a form of learning undertaken by the adults for various personal and career reasons. Adult learning highlights the intentions of learning among the old in society. The aged in this case may be people with advanced years of life, advanced perceptions about themselves and various social roles (Merriam & Brockett, 8). This structure of learning can assume designs such as formal, and informal.


Little research has been carried out to ascertain the changes adults overcome in the period of schooling, given that countless adults are going back to school. This study is as a result significant for upcoming research. I settled on this study because it is within the scope of my interest- education. In educational exploration, studies on the problems encountered by adult learning are still limited. My aspiration is to approach the government and the academic proprietors in the academic sector. This study is to approach the college students and professors as well. The college and other institutional fraternity are expected to understand the adult learners and offer their assistance to eradicate the overwhelming challenges this group of students has to endure (Ross-Gordon, 1). The purpose of carrying out this research, other than for building the research knowledge, is to highlight the plight of adult students.

To capture the facts on this field, I used earlier sources and focused on their discoveries. Understanding the present challenges was however complicated as most of the problems encountered by these learners were personal. Therefore, interviews and discussions had to be separately carried out. From the findings, it was realized that most of the adults are presently enrolled in higher institutions. Their demands are also highlighted. The study has also realized that resources are the main problem encountered by these learners. The acknowledged resources were employed in this study as they offered realistic information necessary for the study. More focus has been based on the benefits of adult learning and the need for this form of education (Merriam & Brockett, 6). However, little studies have concentrated on the social and personal demands of these learners, just as other learners have demands. The government has in the past focused on educating the public of the benefits of adult learning. At the moment, additional institutions are being established for the same. Furthermore, the present policies, especially on the immigrants compel these adults to expand their knowledge and career. This study has therefore been easier to carry out, as more adults are aware of this form of education. Besides, the study has been easier to carry out as more adults are enrolling in this system. Therefore, there were many people and institutions to learn from.

However, it was heavily tasking to ascertain the kind of challenges these people go through. Unlike the young adults, whose challenges are common, the adults going back to school have other forms of challenges. Given that they are adults, the public has ignored their plight. Moreover, it is difficult for them to air openly their grievances due to societal perceptions of adulthood in general (Ross-Gordon, 3). Secondly, this form of education is voluntary, unlike the young adults’ schooling which is compulsory. Adults who go back to school are perceived to have voluntarily accepted the challenges and they are willing to forge forward as a luxury. This may however not be the case as life’s increasing demands. In order to overcome this challenge, the researchers had to carry out some interviews and discussions with the adults. Limited research on the problem encountered in adult learning also posed a huge challenge. The research, therefore, had to take a longer period than the estimated time to accomplish this task. The researcher had to validate the reasons posed for adult education. This was also tasking, as the researchers had to go through the new policies on American immigrants. These refugees are expected to have few fundamental knowledge in English, to be employed. Moreover, the guidelines on immigrants affirm that the settlers are to be self-reliant after government has ceased its assistance. This calls for the adults to go to school to acquire the knowledge for career development. The public has complicated old age. Adults are perceived to be the best. Besides, these adults assume majority of the communal roles within the society. This posed the task of understanding the lives of the adults and the challenges they have to overcome.

I was apprehensive at the beginning of how the adults would perceive me when I enquire about their lives. This is because I desired to learn from adults in the diverse cultural, social, and economic backgrounds. After the study, I have appreciated the personal effort I took in meeting these people. Other than being aged, they are full of wisdom and experience. I have come to realize that life is the most significant resource. Consequently, life must be extremely appreciated. In addition to this, I have come to learn that there are other valuable resources, which the present society has been ignoring. For instance, I have come to appreciate the value of having a close family. Most of the adults have confirmed that the strong families have been their main source of support and strength.

Despite the uphill task, I have enjoyed carrying out this study. Other than highlighting the plight of the marginalized group, I have been overwhelmed by the roles assigned to these learners and how successfully some of them have managed to carry the societal weight. I have been encouraged by the adults by their quest for more knowledge. Adult learners may be limited financially, yet they walk with their heads on high. Despite the common notion that it is pointless to learn at advanced age, adult learners have defied the social notion. They have managed to compete with the young people for the same knowledge and position within the academic institution (Ross-Gordon, 1). From the study, I have realized that determination and dedication always carry the day.


The research has highlighted challenges, response, and the rationale of the study.  The society perceives grown-ups as the greatest and the strongest. Yet, these learners have undergone insurmountable financial and social challenges. Due to the burden placed on adults, most of them have resorted to academic success as part of the alternative. The college professors and students need to arise and assist this group of learners to overcome the prevailing challenges.

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