Sample Essay on Levels of alienation in ‘HER KIND’ and ‘Tooth and Claw’

Her Kind’ is an interesting piece of literature in form of a poem that gives insight She feels desperate and hurt revealing that her past has not been as ‘normal’ as it should have been. However, she appears to be determined to move on in life considering that her state did not pull her down.

The theme of alienation seems to dominate in the life of the speaker of ‘Her Kind’. Her depiction of her life gives evidence of a solitary life in the past. She seems to like things on her own hating the company of any other people in her circle of life. For instance, she speaks of going out in the night alone as a witch, over the plain houses. She is also seen to build her world in caves. She states that she has ‘found the warm caves in the woods’. She has filled them with her belongings such as closets and carvings. Normally, a woman in her right mind would be fearful of the caves and the dangers in them. The speaker appears to go against all odds by finding a home in the woods.

Alienation is equally evident in Boyle’s story ‘Tooth and Claw’. He moves to a new town where he finds himself lonely. He does not find comfort in looking for his peers but spends his time in the house reading his National Geographics and newspapers. He does not also seem to enjoy conversations with other people. For example, he speaks exactly eleven words to the girl behind the restaurant counter. When a girl comes to visit her in her apartment, Junior, the main character in the story admits to the fact that he had never had visitors in the past. The only person that had gone through his door was his aunt. He was afraid that the girl would discover the sad lonely life that characterized his life.

The young man, Junior, as he his commonly referred to finds it extremely difficult to live even with a cat. As his boss calls him to get back to work, he wishes that he would be aware of what he was going through. He finds it extremely stressful to accommodate and feed his own cat. He confesses that it would be difficult to feed the thing without Daria, his girlfriend. Junior appears more solitary when he goes to the bar to get a drink and finds himself not enjoying the music and his company.  In his view, the music in the bar was ‘dead and appreciated by no one’. This is a clear sign that his life was at a standstill. He was desperately in need of someone to cheer him up or make his life better hence the craving for Daria in the bar.

Alienation is a state that many people go through. However, the levels of alienation in the lives of Junior and the speaker in ‘Her Kind’ appear to go beyond expectation. Both of them suffer loneliness of heart. They look for cover up such as living in caves and spending time in the bar just to hide their loneliness.