Sample Essay on Interdisciplinary Studies

Initiating plans for the future cannot depend on one discipline, and this signifies that other areas of studies have to play role. I have come up with a project that is meant to shape the thinking of the world concerning a new business model. The business model is focused on meeting consumers’ energy needs and trim down their energy consumption. Established in my current state, Texas, the project aims at reducing carbon emissions to the environment and accordingly improve our environment for the future. The project on energy administration is an upcoming business model where the company is to offer indirect financing to the clients that have registered with them after having the energy consumption backgrounds. For customers to have qualified, they must be willing to share their energy consumption, energy costs in the past, be willing to reduce the energy consumption and receive energy discounts. To meet this objective, I had to collaborate with environmental colleagues and supporters, lawyers, financial companies, and businesses executives.

My project aims at reducing energy consumption of the consumers by limiting the electrical energy used on electrical devices within their residential places, reducing the energy used in warming the house when away and automatically adjusting to the temperature that can enable the consumer save when they are away. Although some other alternative energy sources are present, they fail to offer continuous and satisfying power. Solar and wind energy is lower in monthly costs than electricity yet it is unreliable in other places. Clients are encouraged to enroll in this project and obtain credits. With more savings on the energy for heating and cooling, clients will acquire great rewards and free rush hours during summer and in winter.

As a student, I understand that I will have to conduct a lot of research in my area of study to make the project successful. Although my discipline will allow me to access extensive knowledge on how to present my project, I have inquired from my colleagues in other disciplines and I have realized that I will need to use their competencies to ensure success. For instance, my colleagues studying law advised me that I should need to patent my work because it is an original piece. Based on this reality, the discipline of law shall came in handy, where a patent lawyer will have to commission an oath just to ensure that no one comes to claim the rights of my project. Consequently, I now understand that interdisciplinary interaction is quite significant for success.

My business model is expected to change the traditional theories of management and hence the need to protect it through patenting. On further inquiry, my colleagues who study mathematics advised me that some of the formulas I have used in the project have never existed. These formulas are necessary to assist the consumers in calculating the number of units necessary to remain in control of the energy consumption in their residences. The formula I came up is further useful in controlling the temperature so they will not raise more than a few degrees when the clients are away. The program is to enable users learn and build personalized schedules for their residences, inform them of how they can save more energy, and normally operate their home appliances while still maintaining a low voltage. I had made the mistake to create the formulas as the original work of another mathematician, because they bore similarities with his illustration. The revelation by my mathematics friends helped me to make a copyright of these formulas so that no one comes to take credit for them. In this regard, my business model could not have been successful without an interdisciplinary interaction.

Working with the environmental colleagues have enabled me acquire more information regarding energy management. For instance, I have appreciated the fact that numerous alternatives of power such as solar energy are present at much lower cost. From my colleagues in the environmental department, I have appreciated the fact that users can combine natural gas and electric services to reduce the expenses of the utility services. I have been informed the project is long-term and that can serve several states in the future. I was therefore advised to register the project under national planning department for more national assistance and empowerment. Moreover, the government can apply the ideas and project concepts to assist states like Hawaii to reduce their energy consumption rates.

A former classmate in a business management class offered more insights on the significance of setting different offices that will foresee different sections of the project. From the business management colleague, I acquired the significance of executing a general counsel who will ensure that the general activities of the project are conducted. The officer will also take charge of the services, and general management of the project. The project development officer will be in charge of all coordination with departmental heads and ensure that the laws and project processes are adhered to. It is necessary to ensure that the project has a legal officer that will be in touch with all the law agencies in the nation to ensure that the mission, vision, and originality of the project are secured. I also resolved to add a financial officer who will be responsible for all the financial aids and expenses of the project. My colleague advised me to assume the role of the chairperson of the project to ensure that the project achieves its set goal and remains useful in the future.