Sample Essay on Alone Together

Technology has taken the better part in human life as it affects the relationship between one person and the other. Thus, relationship in the twenty first century is defined by the use of technology.  This essay will focus on an analysis of four quotes from Sherry Turkle basic book.

The following quotes illustrate the change brought about by the use of technology. The first quote is as follows “Technology is seductive when what it offers meets our human vulnerabilities. And as it turns out, we are very vulnerable indeed. We are lonely but fearful of intimacy (Turkle, 2)” The author insinuates that technology has formed part and parcel of the daily life of human beings. This means most of the activities that human beings used to perform on their own are taken up by robots and computers. It makes an individual completely or largely dependent on technology devices. This quote is important because it helps understand the level of influence that technology has on human beings and their day to day activities. In addition, robots are now used as substitutes to human romance and relationship. The reason behind this is that human beings are too busy to be available for each other. Thus, robots come in at this point to take the place of one of the partners in the relationship who is not available. Some of the keywords that shows that technology has increasingly influenced relationships includes seductive and vulnerable. When human beings tends to focus more on the relationship and weaknesses prevalent, they are more likely to find comfort in machines that offers solutions to these problems. However, it is considered to take advantage of human venerability status that come along way with individual shortcomings.

The second quote is as follows “when animal kingdom opened in Orlando, populated by “real” that is , biological- animals, its first visitors complained that they were no as “realistic” as the animatronics creatures in other parts of Disneyworld (Turkle, 2)”  This quote is a complex and idea based. The reason behind this is that it provides insight into what happen in the world today. It represents the minds and reaction of people towards animation or what is portrayed through the internet (Moyers 66). This creates a notion that objects and animals on the internet are real. This significantly affects perception in humans towards their fellow characters and animals. The offers some insight into what technology has driven as to. One of the scenarios outlined in this case denotes children doubting the characters of a real jellyfish in a museum. This is because the notions created by watching Disney world tend to paint a picture of a huge and energetic animal. This is contrary to reality where animals behave in a normal and less aggressive manner. Some children felt that these animals were not only lazy but also unnecessary to be kept under the cage in the museum. Thus, the author repeatedly uses the word real to refer to the imaginary thoughts and world that have been created by technology. This indicates that people are so much interested and taken away by animation that they forget the real characters of an animals or individual.  The quote connects to the rest of the body because it concentrates on relationship between man and technology which has redefined the way people behave and address issues.

The next quote denotes the interdependence on technology particularly robots for intimacy and relationship matters. It goes as follows “The idea of sociable robots suggests that we might navigate intimacy by skirting it. People seem comforted by the belief that if we alienate or fail each other, robots will be there, programmed to provide simulations of love (Turkle, 10)” In an interview with one of the elderly woman, the author realized that people prefers working alongside robots rather than human beings. This is because they think that robots are more affectionate and responds to their needs more than human beings would do. One of the ladies preferred having the robot instead of her demanding boyfriend. It is an indication that human beings have continually sought comfort from robots because of the fact that they respond to feelings and action that individuals would be slow to do so. On the other side, human beings are seeking more attention from machines/robots. Intimacy is an aspect that is associated with human beings rather than machines. Some of the feelings such as intimacy are not derived from dead or non living things such as machines. The only thing that machines offer to humans is comfort and efficiency. In a situation where robots replace human beings or marriage partners in intimacy, then, people lose their dignity and values associated to these aspects. Ideas brought out in this quote support the body which is structured along excess technological use. Moreover, social responsibility and affection that exists between human is diminishing due to change of attitude and perception regarding human weaknesses. It is hard for humans to move away or neglect their inequities and run away from responsibilities.

The last quote focuses on the feeling of being alone together. It shows that individuals assume that they are connected and close to people who are far and kept at a distance from where they are located. It states “The world is now full of modern Goldilockses, people who take comfort in being in touch with a lot of people whom they also kept at bay (Turkle, 15)” The connectivity that comes along with the introduction and growth of technology enables a person to befriend a lot of people from different locations. Technology is unlimited in terms of location and time. This is because an individual can chat or communicate with friend at any moment and everywhere provided he or she is connected to the server. This particular quote utilizes a keyword Goldilockses to implicate that human assumes that they are okay/ comfortable while connected to a larger community through internet. However, they spend their time and day glued to their phone and computers to seek comfort. Therefore, a person will assume that he/she is in the company of others while chatting and is happy doing so for the better part of the day. However, each and every user of these systems is categorized as an isolated and lonely individual who are looking for happiness by contacting other lonely persons. The conclusion will be that all are lonely together.

In conclusion, the authors deal with the issues of technology from a personal perspective. This allows readers to evaluate the usefulness and benefits accrued from the use of these platforms.  Connectivity does not replace the need for human touch between people.


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