Sample Admission Essay on Admission for MSc. Behavioral Finance

Studying why and how people make financial decisions has been my interest for a long time now. Behavioral finance encompasses this field and even goes beyond to incorporate ordinary risks and other determining factors for financial decisions. I seek to combine my basic economic theories and concepts into finding out how people make absurd financial decisions that have an enormous impact on their next budget or decisions. This would make me gain an understanding of the reasons and partialities that make people behave unreasonably and usually against their best welfares. I have a solid background in finance with my previous studies and honors in the finance field. This gave me firm insight into the financial concepts and theory and the MSc in Behavioral Finance would build upon these previous concepts. I would be more than ready to further my finance knowledge and expertise with a foothold in behavioral finance. This would enable me understand the market clearly and improve my capability of sound business decisions. It would help in the management and expansion of the family business.

Behavioral finance is a pretty new field with little research and experience accrued from it. I would like to discover more in this area and demystify some of its unknown facts or situations. It would help me understand this area more offering a chance for better theories and researches to be conducted. My primary motivation is to advance my studies to Ph.D. level to gain notable mastery of concepts and theories in finance. Besides, this study in behavioral finance would come in handy the management of our family enterprise.

I am an American University of Kuwait graduate with honors (BSc. Finance). My background in finance studies will offer me a good base to progress my knowledge in behavioral finance (MSc. Behavioral Finance) at the University of Reading.