Sample Speech Paper on Motivational Speech

Many students lose hope when they fail in their examination because they believe that this could be the end of their future career. We can overcome discouragements in life if we believe in our own efforts since beliefs are capable of transforming our own world. Through self-help, we can determine the course of action to realize future goals. What I would like to hear – and I believe that this is what my classmates would like as well – is that my present situation is not my final destination. I have just failed to attain the marks that were required to join a course in journalism, thus, I need to be encouraged on what I can do as an alternative course. Every person deserves to enjoy a life full of happiness, freedom, and completeness.

I believe that one can attain the goal of becoming a journalist through self-help. Self-help incorporates utilizing one’s own efforts, as well as resources, to attain goals without necessarily depending on the assistance of others. Self-help is imperative to any individual who wants to succeed in life because it guides one towards focusing on the positive aspects of life without letting the negative ones interfere with one’s destiny. A study carried out on 12 Canadian women related to reading books on self-help revealed that people are capable of recognizing specific learning goals, which made them think differently about their lives (McLean 380). This implied that our minds are always open to new ideas, and it is up to us to utilize what we learn to make a difference in our lives.

The best time of aperson’s life is still ahead, but he/she should not just stay there and wait for it like a miracle. Becoming a journalist involves exercising one’s talent more than focusing on the course. As a student, one needs to invent ideas that would shape his or her future. Dale Carnegie once said that “most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all” (Martinez) while Confucius emphasized that “our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” (Edwards). The only time an individual fails is when he/she falls down and remains there, waiting for someone’s helping hand. The power of self-help is vital in giving a person hope for a great future.

However, people need something on top of hope to be inspired; they need to believe. When one desires with belief, something great is bound to happen. A positive focus on one’s effort enables things to come out as reality. Beliefs activate the search for signs from the universe, and recognition of signs enables individuals to find the course for a greater future. In addition, self-rewards are recommendable in self-help, as they assist in professional treatment of negative behaviors (Koch et al. 2). Self-rewards provide people with an opportunity to expand their self-sustaining goals because they are eager to main positive behaviors that motivate to remain focused on future goals.

Instead of allowing circumstances to take control of your life, use them to act and transform the current situation. As a student, one should understand that bad times do not last for ages if you believe that a great time is on the way. Abraham Lincoln once said: “That some achieve great success is proof to all that others can achieve it as well” (Boerner). Whatever an individual fills in his/her mind will determine the course of action towards attaining independence and future happiness. Thus, students should focus on their desire to attain future goals and avoid negative aspects that may pull their efforts down. It is time to exploit self-help to attain one’s life goals.




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