Sample Research Paper on Impacts of Social Media on Real Communication

Social media refers to the combination of all online communication vessels which are
meant for social interaction between people.With the increase in technology, there is increase in
the social media platforms. In the past, the platforms were only limited to computers but
nowadays they can be accessed through mobile phones. Such platforms include Facebook,
Instagram, twitter, tiktok and many others. With the aid of these vessels people are able to share
ideas, thoughts and express feeling thus facilitating communication. Increase in the use of social
media have both the positive and negative impact on communication. Social media generally
destroys real communication by decreasing the quality of the inter-personal communication, poor
language development and creativity, and social media addiction.
Social media affects our language development and creativity. In many social media
platform people mainly use shortened form of word in communicating and expressing their ideas
in order to type and convey their messages quickly. The use of shortened words generally affects
grammar, sentence construction and syntax. Also, it leads to the use of slang words and at times
people forget that they are washing away the beauty when using the shortened words (Bhamare).
The use of shortened versions may stick on to the mind such that you find people using the
shortened version in an official context. People should decrease the use of short forms so as to
prevent language erosion and destruction of real communication.

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Besides, the increase in usage of social media reduces the quality of inter-personal
communication and interaction. In the past there was no social media and so the only mean of
communication was through interaction. In most cases even at a family level, the method of
interaction nowadays is by use of electronic gadgets which has reduced the tine which a family
should spend interacting. Nowadays, in parties and events, guests spend most of their time in
phone and chatting and texting and at the end you find that time spent interacting with the others
is minimal. Lack of inter-personal interaction leads to the decrease in real communication which
can be reduced by not spending a lot of time on social media platform or by leaving your gadget
behind when attending events and parties.
Social media platforms have been accompanied by social media addiction. There are
negative impacts caused by these addictions. Many people have been addicted to phones and
social media hence spending most of their time in the platforms which leaves less time for real
communication. Addiction to social media always leads to procrastination because youths are
stuck to social media as a source of entertainment. These platforms are good at wasting ones
time since the information is conveyed in updates of paragraph and status. The misuse of the
platforms leads to decline of morals and stress due to addiction which leads to anxiety and
depression. (Drussel). One should decrease the time spent in the platforms to be safe from
In conclusion social media has numerous impacts on real communication which includes
social media addictions, poor language skills, creativity and skills, and decreasing face to face
communication which is called inter-personal communication. Such impacts can be reduced by
decreasing the time spent in phones, leaving phone behind when attending meetings, among

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