Sample Research Paper on Crime Prevention Programme

Crime Prevention Programme

Practical Academic Cultural Education (PACE) is an institution that was purely established with the objective of minimizing the plight that women go through in the society. Jacksonville University founded the organization in the year 1985, and so far it has recorded a population size of more than 3,000 girls. Across Florida, PACE has more than 19 centers across Florida, with others established at 2933 University Blvd N.  PACE is built on the theory of gender humanity and equality, and upon realizing that it has never been affected or understood, they now decide to come in and act upon.

In the process of accomplishing its goals, PACE has three major components that it undertakes and ensure that are all achieved at all levels, within the stipulated time frame. The three primary components include Academic, Programme, Social Services and Transition Services.  Considering the Academic element, the organization offers some educational programs to its clients, who are females between the ages of 12 to 17. In undertaking this, the organization’s actions are guided by some values and principles. They include honoring the female spirit, focus on female strengths, make their actions with integrity and positive intent, embracing growth and dynamism, exhibit courage, seek excellence create a partnership, and investing in future (Núñez, 2000). All this is undertaken with respect to the female child, or ladies as well as girls between the ages of 12 to 17.

The other element is improving the social life of the female gender through integrating and upholding their social services. In this case, the organization’s centerpiece acts as the garden, where the literal-figurative seeds are planted, thereby the girls undertaking their investment when they grow in future. The seeds are believed to be of nine types, aligning to the values and principles taught, such as positive coping skills and good healthy choices among others in PACE. The purpose of perfecting this part, the organization has established some social services, referring to them as Seeds of Change. Towards improving the social life of a girl, these services focus on their mental, physical health as well spiritual and physical health, body-mind, and their souls (French Gates, 2014).

The third element, which is the transition element, entails the preparation that these girls are given to change efficiently or move from one stage to another. For instance, those ladies who are in a pre-adolescence phase, they are provided with adequate physical and mental preparedness as they move towards adolescence. For those who are at ages of 17, they are prepared to the next generation of life which entails being a young adult, perhaps for marriage.

Personally, I believe that the organization has been effective in the process of preventing ordinary crimes of humanity such wife battering, denial of girl child right, among other general plights of women. PACE has provided an excellent work environment for its workers and time to deliver services for the girls. It has further hired the right staffs which help it achieve some if its set objectives and goals.

For the purpose of enhancing effectiveness towards in preventing the girl child from crime, PACE needs to improve its management. The organization’s top management has not been able to cope up with some of the obstacles objecting towards realizing the set mission. Instead of absorbing the right girls, it has gotten more concerned the population size and funding. It needs to increase the number of the teaching and counseling staff. All the workers should be allocated in those departmental duties that they are well trained in.


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