Sample Presentations on My Public Speaking Experience


The speeches that I presented in the classroom were about high tax and creating awareness to the mayor concerning the issues that affected theNew York subway and theirsolutions.


The purpose of this paper is to evaluate on my experiences in public speaking. This is through identifying the issues and the skills that I gained. It also articulates on the manner in which I have improved in communication and gained courage during presentation.


In my first speech, I articulatedon the issue of high tax. I expressed on whether there was the need of increasing the taxes of wealthy individuals to ensure that the ordinary people paid less taxes. I struggled in this speech because my English was not very fluent and I was also nervous.

This was evident when I found it difficult to convince an audience of 20 people who were my classmates. It was a problem for me to argue on this concept and convince my fellow students that the rich people deserved to pay more. For instance, my argument was that due to an economic turmoil, the government should look for ways on how to generate money. It makes sense that wealthy people should pay more because they are the ones who can afford to pay heavy taxes. Another claim from the speech I gave is that the rich should pay higher taxes because they also benefit in matters that concern national security, infrastructure, property laws, and government- funded research. Securing the nation benefits the rich people more because they have more to protect.

Although I kept on struggling with English in my presentation, I emphasized on the fact that the number one goal in settling high tax is to unite the people in the country. The government does not want it to be divided. To do that, the government seeks to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. This is the reason why wealthy people are being asked to pay more taxes because they are the ones who benefits the most with the programs of the government. Tax collection for the wealthy people can lead to increased employment and job retention, hence increase the incomes of many low- income families. Collecting large amount of tax among wealthy individuals can play a significant role in stabilizing the economy. This is because it aids to attract more investors in the country which can create more jobs for the people. Based on my speech on high tax, these were my views as to how the government can bridge the gap among the rich and the poor.

However, this evidence proved the claim that I incurred difficulty in communicating the issue in an appropriate manner. This is because as much as I tried to convince the listeners on the need for wealthy individuals to pay more taxes, not all of them agreed with my opinion. Due to my nervousness and lack of fluency in English, my classmates who were not satisfied still opposed my view. This is clear when they argued that increasing the taxes of wealthy people is not helpful and may just worsen existing problems that can be resolved.


Skills I Gained

However, as the semester preceded, I gained more skills when I improved in my pronunciation over the semester. For instance, this was apparent in the speech about the New York subway and its issues. During the presentation in this speech, I communicated clearly the issues that faced the NYC subway. The problems that I mentioned ranged from poor sanitation, dirty stations hence failure to meet social requirements. The evidence that I gave is a clear indication that I had improved. Based on the sanitary issues that affect the subway, I revealed how the smell spread and became unbearable to the commuters. I further talked about the dirty condition by explaining how mice and cockroaches were plenty at the NYC subway. Furthermore, I also indicated how the subway failed to meet the social needs. This is because the restrooms that individuals were supposed to use were located out of the station.

Additionally, I supported my claim concerning the issues that faced the subway by depicting poor means of communication at the station. A good example is clear when there is no telephone connection in most subway stations and tunnels. The fact that the telephone connections were not stable made it difficult for users at NYC subway to establish communication with their friends and relatives. To defend my claim in the speech, I further revealed how it was strange for phones to ring in the subway. Evidently, communication in the sub way was poor when the internet was not active. It reached a point when the Internet-provider at the NYC subway forced smartphones’ users to watch ads.

I improved in my speech presentation skills when I articulated on the internet issue and how it became notable and rampant in the NYC subway. Clearly, the systems used in the NYC subway do not provide the users with the accurate data regarding the Trans’ flow and produce the communication-based problems. I also articulated on the manner in which travels by the NYC subway trains are dangerous for people’s life. In this regard, I gained more courage and spoke about the issue of overcrowding and how individuals were affected. For instance in some cases, victims became run over by trains and as a result, some of them lost their lives in the subway. To prove this claim, I also argued how the subway lacked safetyto prevent the dangerous cases of accidents.

As the semester proceeded, I gained experience in speech presentation. For instance, after articulating on issue that faced the subway, I also informed the audience on the solutions. A good example is clear in the speech when I revealed how individuals should be granted the rights to stay at the public places. This situation should also benefit people with disabilities to ensure that they are also comfortable while using the subway. Analyzing on the system of communication, I emphasized on use of internet connection. This was significant to ensure that individuals communicated with their friends and relatives while using the subway.

Concerning safety measures, I also analyzed on the need to update technology which is vital in solving issues that are related to communication. At this point, I had improved in my presentation skills and gained more courage as I spoke to the listeners. To support my speech, I further articulated on the significance of decongesting the subway to avoid death. In this regard, I highlighted on the safety measures that could be embraced to get rid of accidents at the subway.




In conclusion, it is vital to embrace a new perspective of public speaking skills. This is essential to ensure that I communicate effectively to people by improving on my courage and English language. This will revive my world by increasing my perfection during speech presentation.