Sample Presentation Paper on Communication Strategy

First, the management of Kuwait Petroleum Company is an audience that has sufficient knowledge about the company’s business performance. In my presentation, I will try to offer both sides of the company performance. On one hand, the management wants to hear the success aspects of the enterprise, and on the other it is equally interested in the failures for them to know where to improve. The audience expects to be informed and challenged by their strategic performance; thus, I will adopt an interactive strategy of presentation.  In this manner, I will engage the leadership in economic antidoteand use rhetorical questions that inform about employee and employer relationship which seems to be the biggest issue facing the company.

Secondly, the identified organizational need for Kuwait Petroleum Companyis lack of effective communication. There should be effective communication across the hierarchy, where the junior workers can easily communicate with their seniors. Moreover, the passing of sensitive information should be made easy, where junior employees can pass their complaints in a confidential way.  Therefore, Kuwait Petroleum Company should adopt a vertical communication strategy. Ideally, in this communication technique, there is a smooth flow of information between the leadership and the subordinates. On the consumer context, the company should sell its product in an ethical manner and ought to understand its target market, including cultural beliefs.

Finally, a vertical communication strategy should be adopted by Kuwait Petroleum Company where there is a level platform for all workers to engage each other on issues affecting the company. In this approach, significant matters affecting the productivity of the enterprise will be known and can be adopted for makinginformed decisions regarding customer needs.  Therefore, to achieve, this goal, the organization has to have an efficient communication between the manufacturing, management and logistic departments.