Sample Paper on Social Media Communication


Social media has become a huge part of the communication process and the mass media has not been left out. Today, an event will be broadcast and known to the world even before media companies have had the chance to have their correspondents working on it. Journalism and reporting have thus become available to all, thereby disrupting the traditional channels of news/events coverage. The interesting phenomenon is worth understanding.

Research problem:

The problem in focus concerns the way in which social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have taken over the role of conventional mass media and become the main source of information, second to the actual event. This is to mean that social media – especially Facebook and Twitter – have become major sources of information.

Research idea:

The research idea focuses on the involvement of the public through social media and how it affects the coverage of news/events by mass media.

Research objectives

The research will try to establish or find out how social media has embedded itself in mass media, and the influence it has, if any, on the way mass media goes about its business. To understand this, the objectives of the research will be:

  • To find out how mass media and social media interact
  • To find out how social media involvement in the public shapes mass media news coverage
  • To find out the part social media plays while interacting with mass media coverage of events.
  • To find out which social media platforms are most adopted by the mass media when covering/reporting news event.

The research problem tackled is about the role that social media has in today’s news delivery. The social sites are the first place people turn to for information on specific topics, and this seems to have changed the tide and flow of news. Gone are the days when news and the flow of data would first come from a media house then to the public. Now information and news flows from the scene, onto social media, and into the hands of everyone that has access to the internet.

The objectives are geared to determine the involvement of social media in the reporting of news and whether its adoption is something that media houses consider as possible. Moreover, the objectives will shed light on the depth of social media in today’s mass media.