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Sample Paper on my Road Race Cycling Group

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Sample Paper on my Road Race Cycling Group

I am a current member of a road race cycling group. The group consists of twenty two members from diverse backgrounds. In order for the group to thrive, members are expected to uphold the following.


Joining a group consisting of strangers because you share similar goals is a social risk. As a result, the group has been striving to develop and uphold trust among members. Each activity undertaken by the group is based on the notion that, all members can trust their colleagues to assist them in completing it. The road race cycling group also engages in activities planned by the leaders. In order to participate in these activities, members have to trust they are in line with the group’s goals and objectives. The group therefore cannot be effective without trust as members will only focus on our differences. The group has had to develop trust to appreciate our differences. This has reduced conflicts and strengthened relationships among the members. To sustain the trust however, we have to maintain open communication while providing constructive and positive feedback especially during group meetings. Trust has therefore played a key role of enhancing cooperation among members.


The road race cycling group cannot thrive without leaders as members often have divided ideas and opinions. As a result, group leaders are required to exert power especially when planning the activities. Sometimes the group is required to spend time either at the gym exercising or cycling around the nearest parks. Some members however like arguing trying to insubordinate the leaders’ decisions. We therefore agreed we will respect and uphold the leaders’ powers’ as they have the will, desire, and experience to ensure members succeed in achieving the setout goals and objectives. Consequently, the leaders ought to ensure their decisions are in line with the group’s social, physical, environmental, and economic goals.


As a group, we acknowledge we all share a relationship sustained through friendship. We therefore rely on our ethnic diversities to ensure the group’s relationship is not jeopardized but rather enhanced. As a result, we do not focus on our differences but rather uniqueness to diversify social and cultural norms we can apply to remain united. Recently, we decided that our activities have rendered us more vulnerable to injuries. All the members are therefore required to be their colleagues’ keeper by ensuring when a member is injured we pay him/her a visit rather than waiting them to resume group activities. This has enhanced the group’s relationship while enhancing friendship levels among the members. The group leaders are also tasked to ensure members communicate especially when undertaking our activities in order for data to flow. This has been enhancing levels of trust, cohesion, and collaborations among members who are now keen in striving to ensure the group continues to thrive.


Seasons in regard to climatic conditions are often changing throughout the year. As group members however, we can predict the weather conditions to expect. This is vital as it ensures the group dissects racing works and tactics to ensure road race cycling as a sport achieves the health benefits we desire. The race rolls are also diverse depending on the race tracks we pursue. The norming stage has therefore ensured the group is effective as we are able to focus on each member to determine how they can helped to overcome challenges mainly attributed to climatic and weather changes. For example, we recently discovered we can form alliances depending on members’ interests in a race. These alliances have been crucial as they have been members taking race track breaks too often do not interfere with those taking similar breaks less frequently. Norming has therefore enhanced truism as well as cohesion and collaboration in the group.

Sensitivity in group

Sensitivity involves ensuring group members are more aware of their own strengths, weaknesses, and prejudices in order to be accommodative. For example, some members prefer cycling while listening to loud music of different genres. Others however prefer cycling quietly in order to connect with nature as this reliefs them stress clearing their minds to achieve emotional and psychological balance. As a result, we had to convince members preferring loud music to invest in headphones. This was not easy as they claimed headphones are not healthy especially when a person puts them on each day. Each member provided the reason for joining the group and it was determined most participate in road race cycling as an activity to reduce stress levels. Eventually, they agreed to invest in headphones in order for every member to participate in group activities and achieve individual results without being insensitive to the other members.


Addressing sensitivity issues in a group requires communication. After forming the road race cycling group, members discussed issued likely to hinder us from succeeding. We discovered that, the group cannot thrive if members cannot trust each other. We also discovered the group cannot succeed if members do not respect each other. Members therefore decided to appoint group leaders tasked in ensuring members are cooperative. They are also required to ensure each member contributes to the overall group dynamic. Achieving these qualities requires members to express their thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and expectations clearly. We have therefore to ensure we hold regular group discussions to communicate issues we may be facing. During the group discussions, every member is required to explain the issues noted to be looming and provide applicable solutions to prevent and address them before they adversely affect the group at large. For example, we recently discovered some members were reporting to our group activities late. This had been irritating to the rest. After they explained why they were reporting late, the other members understood it was neither intentional nor unavoidable. Communication has therefore assisted the group to be accommodative.


Negotiations in the group are undertaken to ensure every member’s opinion is respected when making decisions affecting our activities and undertakings. In order to form joint decisions, group members with diverse interests have to be cooperative. As a result, group members rely on the aspect that our communication skills are clear when providing diverse motivational orientations. We also negotiate how group resources ought to be utilized. More importantly, we negotiate to ensure we are fair as individualistic interests can be conflicting. Negotiations have therefore played a key role of enhancing cohesion, understanding, and cooperation in the group.


Synergy in the group is vital as it ensures every member collaborates and cooperates fruitfully to produce positive effects assisting each member to achieve individual needs. Recently, we discovered our main focus has been to ensure every member understands his/her opinion is crucial to the success and growth of the group. The group leaders asserted that, working as a group to produce great results requires members to enjoy each other company. As a result, we have decided to engage in activities creating and enhancing synergy in the group. These activities vary monthly as we are also trying to break monotony. For example, last month all members were required to ascertain the foodstuffs and drinks they can provide in order for the group to have a peaceful and successful picnic. Various members decided to supply cookies, soft drinks, coffee, smoothies, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as barbequed drinks. The picnic was a success as we had fun, laughed, joked, and discussed serious issues that can assist the group to continue growing. This month, the group will have a meeting to determine the activity to pursue to enhance synergy.

Prevalence of small group


The prevalence in our small group of road race cyclers through random selection affirms male members are more. It is however clear every member joined the group as a form of exercise in order to attain health through cycling. At least sixty three members reported joining the cycling group to reduce cut weight. The rest asserted they joined the group as they were experiencing personal issues adversely affecting their emotional, mental, and psychological health. Seven male members claimed they joined the group as they are addicted to smoking and cycling helps in curbing the cravings. Ultimately, the prevalence of the group differ in regard to gender and health issues.

Decision Making

In a group comprising of members from diverse backgrounds, the decision making process is vital as it ensures we formulate and implement policies enhancing the group’s success. Decision making process in the group however has also been undertaken to resolve problems already influencing members’ dedication and commitment. The decision making process commences by group members identifying common interests we need to be addressed. The interests can be ideas, opinions, or problems that have been looming since the last decision making procedure. Consequently, group members brainstorm as they discuss how new ideas can be incorporated and problems resolved. Different decision making procedures have been applied depending on the group leader adjudicating. Ultimately, the decision making process has been considered as one of the most critical procedures to undertake in order for the group to continue succeeding. As a result, group members reporting late during decision-making processes are fined.


The group comprises of members pursuing diverse socio-economic endeavors. For example, some members are doctors, students, nurses, teachers, housewives, and civil servants. They however share the interest to see the group succeed. As a result, group members decided during the monthly meetings members who have not adversely influenced the group ought to be identified. Conversely, members such as those reporting late to group activities or those that have engaged in conflicts with others hindering the group to thrive ought to be identified. Those identified as members steering the group to success are rewarded diversely. For example, some have been rewarded with a trip out of town while the rest have either been rewarded with gift vouchers or monetary gifts. The rewards are awarded to encourage group members to be consistent in affirming they care for each other hence, dedicated that the group succeeds.

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Sample Paper on my Road Race Cycling Group

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Sample Paper on my Road Race Cycling Group

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Sample Paper on my Road Race Cycling Group

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