Sample Paper on Karen

Conflict management is essential for effective human co-existence. Sometimes, our interests on a given issue may differ and a resolve has to be reached for better peaceful environment. Conflict management is critical as it restores the good terms and relationship previously enjoyed among people. Conflict management cuts across all spheres of life, from the workplace scenario to the home/family setup. There are diverse styles used in conflict management like the collaborative, competitive, and compromise techniques. Each technique has unique advantages and disadvantages and cannot be used entirely in all cases/conflicts. A combination of these techniques would work best.

The collaborative management technique is best suited for maintenance of long-term goals and relationships. It involves voicing the concerns of the parties involved, realizing the similarities and differences within them, and trying to come up with a solution that befits all. The collaborative technique is time-consuming, but has a lasting impact for the relationship growth. Trust is a critical element in collaborative management, though some people can take advantage of other’s trust to manipulate their own interests. Compromise management technique is intended to enhance mutual gain/loss between the conflicting parties. Though the concerns of involved parties are considered, the common goal is held in high regard. Either party has to compromise personal terms/interests for the greater reverence of the end goal. Probably, a disadvantage of this technique is its impact on long-term goals and growth of the relationship; it can provide a temporary resolution at the expense of the long-term solution. Healthy communication is desired in conflict resolution. Irrational verbal and/or non-verbal cues can stir up a conflict to unprecedented levels.

Good communication coupled with the right conflict management technique is a recipe to attaining the former relationship status and even grow it to greater levels. Collaborative and compromising techniques will complement each other well for some when resolving their conflicts.