Sample Paper on Humanity and Communication

Most of my relationship are interpersonal. This is because interpersonal relationship oftenalways me in the best way to relate to people as it builds on emotion and good relations(Bilge,2016). In addition, to the building ofrelations it enables rational closeness that is it give direction on what limits to reach. It is also from the interpersonal relationships that translate from face value to intimate relationship. Impersonal relationship is not much to people since they only relate to work and jobs. If compared to the interpersonal it limits self-disclosure of the parties involved hence limiting the buildup of good relationships.

In my opinion, such relationship as family relationship, causal relationship and friendship are working well (Bilge,2016). But this will depend on the purpose of the relationship in question. for example, family works well because it is responsibility while causal does because of the gains it comes with(Bilge,2016). The friendship works well because of the trust people have in each other and natural bond between related individuals.

In my opinion, such relationships as marriage, romantic relationship and friendship need work. This is simply because they both need empathy and skillful understanding of people. For example, the marriage relationsrequire more cognitive interpretation as it is more influenced by personal judgement and thoughts. On the side of friendship relationships, it requires great work on the mode of relaying information. That is, the individuals have to try to keep more on the purpose of communication rather than just relaying information. In addition, romantic relationship requires a lot of attention as it will directly affect the relationship between people involvedin it (Bilge,2016).




Bilge, A.& Engin, E. (2016). Effectiveness of the solution focused therapy which is based on interpersonal relationship theory: Retrospective investigation. Anatolian Journal of Psychiatry17(4), 261-269.