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Sample Paper on How Meditation Can Help Make Life Less Stressful In the Business World

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Sample Paper on How Meditation Can Help Make Life Less Stressful In the Business World


Introduction while PowerPoint is being displayed, I will state the topic and the reasons behind the qualification on the specified topic.

  1. Meditation should be practiced by everyone in the organization for the overall success
  2. Transition to body by speaking on why meditation exists, followed by why it is essential for employees to meditate. I will then continue by stating two important qualities of every organization worker. I will conclude by restating the four factors and qualities that bring efficiency in the business.
  1. Interest of the audience
This will be through asking of the two important questions:
  1. What are the unique features in successful people?
  2. Who considers himself successful?
  1. Purpose & Thesis
For one to make it in business, he/she should be able to drive the organization to success.
  1. Credibility Statement
In every organization, meditation is indispensible. This ought to be applied for the success of the business.
  1. Main Points of speech
  1. Personal introduction while PowerPoint is being put on view. Stating of the topic and the reason for the qualification to speak on this topic
  2. The purpose of the speech: how to succeed in business
  3. Capture the attention of the audience by asking questions
  4. Introduction of the sources of reference
  5. Credibility Statement
  1. Employees in every organization dictate its achievements. Meditation is a helpful tool in improving the performance of the staff and hence more success for the business.
  2. Two major types of businesses:
  3. For profit such as businesses like banks and stores
  4. Non-profit businesses such as United Nations, Refugee organizations and organizations. They give aide to the widows and the orphans
In all these businesses, there is need to have effective employees (Patrick, 2005).
  1. Factors that contribute to effectiveness in business (Newcomb 2005)
  2. Management: Honesty should be exercised by every member of staff
  3. Followers: Different approaches are a requirement where there are different groups of people as followers.
  4. Communication: team members in the organization are to communicate effectively
  5. Situation: They need to transform situations by implementing different strategies.
  6. Two important qualities in business (Effective Leadership, 1998)
  7. Listening
  8. The cornerstone of effectiveness in the business lies in the ability to listen
  9. This builds on teamwork.
  10. Accepting Feedback
  11. The staff should be ready to be assessed
  12. They need to stand firm on the enticement of opposing evaluation
  13. Criticism helps in improving the weak areas.
  14. Employees are confident to communicate freely (Henrikson, 2006).

III. Elements against effectiveness in business

  1. Stress
  2. Stress has been among the leading causes of damaged relationships, hence challenge on team building (Effective leadership, 2005).
  3. Insomnia
  4. Lack of meditation leads to anxiety and hence reduction of the employees’ drive and passion to achieve success
  5. Benefits of Meditation in businesses
  1. There is better focus on the work at hand.
  1. Meditation makes a person conscious of the part he/she is playing in business
  1. Improved memory: The brain can exercise the ability to adjust the brain wave out of distractions and into improved productivity. People who meditate are able to ignore distractions and remember to include new ideas in new situations.
  2. Reduces anxiety
  1. This comes about due to loosening of connections in the neural pathways. Without meditation, a section of the brain referred to as the medial prefrontal cortex is scared and attacked. This part processes information from the body to the brain. In such cases, the neural connection is strengthened and in the end, it is overworked (Lockhart & Hicken, 2012).
  1. Increases creativity
  1. Research performed on people who practice open meditation shows that they are able to come up with better ideas for the task they perform. Those who practice meditation have a higher chance of showing empathy and compassion. This is because they are able to focus their attention and minimize emotional reactions to the perception they have on people (Lockhart & Hicken, 2012).
  1. Better communication is enhanced by a clear mind and clear thoughts.
  1. This form of communication is necessary at all levels.
  1. Protects against frequent illness
  1. Rate of absenteeism is reduced.
  2. The general health of a person is enhanced
  1. More productivity for the company: this is achieved as the company overcomes challenges related to pressure. Productivity translates to increased profits realized by the organization.
  2. A tool of remaining competitive in the present market

For people to be effective, they need to meditate constantly.

  1. Summary of Main Points

There is need for honesty in business. Different approaches are a requirement where the staff comes from different backgrounds. Communication enhances effectiveness in the organization. Different strategies are to be implemented to transform different situations. The two main qualities in business are listening and accepting feedback.

  1. Purpose & Thesis

Meditation is highly significant in any business for realization of success.

  1. Closing statement

To the company meditation builds on good relations and strong team building. This results to less employee turnover and more staff retention. Employees are likely to stay in the company for a very long time.

  1. Questions

I am allowing the listeners to ask questions



















Effective Leadership. 1998. Volume 4(1). September 21, 2012.

Henrikson, M. (2006). Great leaders are made, not born: AWHONN Lifelines. Vol 10(6): 510.


Lockhart, J & Hicken, M. Four Executives who swear by Meditation: Business Insider.

Newcomb, K. Transformational Leadership: Four keys to help you and your organization: Debt Cube. 2005.

Patrick, B. Michigan builds leadership inside the organization: Policy & Practice of Public Human Service. 2005.



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Sample Paper on How Meditation Can Help Make Life Less Stressful In the Business World

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Sample Paper on How Meditation Can Help Make Life Less Stressful In the Business World

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Sample Paper on How Meditation Can Help Make Life Less Stressful In the Business World

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Sample Paper on How Meditation Can Help Make Life Less Stressful In the Business World

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