Sample Paper on Hiring Manager

I am writing this letter to express my interest in the position of supervisor of finance and administration in your highly esteemed institution as advertised on Workopolis dated 18th may 2015. I am happy to apply and be part of your great team.

I have worked in different capacities in several institutions. My duties and responsibilities were to keep record, facilitate cloud computing and serve the company’s clients, team playing to achieve the goals, and creating duty roll. I am a good team player who works to meet deadlines. I am also able to perform my duties under minimum or no supervision.

I have attached my resume for your review. Your consideration and feedback will be highly appreciated.



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My objective is to excel in my career as a financial manager by offering diverse services to your institution. To help organization accounts for business transactions as it serve customers in the market.

Qualification Highlights

I am experienced in these fields:

  • Bookkeeping and record keeping.
  • Journal entry.
  • Computer literate especially in cloud computing.
  • Managing employees within the organization to produce good results.

Professional Skills

Book keeping

  • Debiting and crediting general ledgers
  • Entering data in the trail balance.
  • Making budget preparation and estimates.

I have earned the following academic qualification in various institutions:

  • Undergraduate degree in finance,(name of the university)
  • Computer packages (name of the institution)
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