Sample Essay Paper on The Knight of ‘Ni’

Question 1

The knights who say Ni uses humor throughout their actions. The way the Knights of NI approach Arthur is itself humorous because at first they seem not to understand each other. However, it turns out that they were in need of shrubbery. Their demand for the second shrubbery, even after claiming that the first one was articulate is also humorous.

Question 2: humorous elements

Hyperbole: the way one of the wrestker kills the other is exaggerated. During one of the scrappy and extremely intense match, one of the wrestlers tapped at length, only to realize that the opponent had passed away while they were struggling. This implied that he had posthumously won that match.

Surprise: the way the Knight of Ni demand the second Shrubbery is surprising and humorous. After Arthur brings the first shrubbery, the Knight of Ni likes the laurel. However, to prevent Arthur from going away they comically introduce another demand as illustrated below.

‘Arthur: O Knights of Ni.  We have brought you your shrubbery.  May we go now?

Knight of Ni: Yes, it is a good shrubbery.  I like the laurels particularly.

              But there is one small problem….


Question 3: BakhtinianCarnivalesque

The word Carnivalesque is normally used as a translation of works of Mikhail Bakhtin, a Russian critic, hence the word BakhtinianCarnivalesque. The word is a literary mode meant to liberate and subvertthe assumptions allied to aa particular atmosphere or dominant style via chaos or humor.

Question 4:

Carnivalesquein the “Knight of NI” has been used in various selected scenes. For instance, there is a carnivalesque when the Knight of Ni changes their name to demand for another shrubbery.

‘Arthur: What is that?

Knight of Ni: We are now *no longer* the Knights Who Say “Ni”!’

Other instances that exhibit carnivalesque include the Reality TV, Girls Gone Wild, Costume parties and the Saturday Night Live