Sample Essay Paper on Group Leadership

Our group was carrying out a project on the relationship between drug abuse and crimes. Working as a team in the group enabled us to be successful and the project was productive at the end. We started by devising a plan of action for every member. The plan of action involved assigning roles and responsibilities among the group members. The project was productive since our group environment provided an opportunity for sharing ideas, increased efficiency and improved relationships among ourselves that enabled us to be more interactive during the project duration. Working as a group enabled us to showcase our various strengths and compensation for our weaker areas. This created a stronger and a more skilled workforce for the productivity of our project.

As the group leader, I ensured the group’s progression by effective communication to members, developing a common purpose for the group, commitment and identifying with group members. Our properly structured group project facilitated the reinforcement of skills that were relevant to the group’s objectives, including the ability to challenge assumptions, social support, and encouragement to take risks while gathering evidence and to develop stronger communication skills among the group members and the respondents.

Since the project involved collecting information from the victims of drug abuse, I excepted high resistance and incomplete response that could affect the reliability and validity of the data. However, the group members collected the data with high precision and were able to complete the project within the set period. The group took the right direction up to the completion of the project that involved data, entry, analysis and presentation. The project was successful since the findings showed a significant relation between the two variables. This was the target direction for our group project. In conclusion, the group worked together and the objectives fully met.