Sample Essay on Why Should the U.S.A Sponsor Syrian Refugees

In the justification of the fact that the USA should sponsor Syrian refugees, I have three distinctive points in support of my argument. First; the US nation can afford the refugees regarding sustainability and accommodation. The labor market of the states has made this possible bearing the fact that several thousands of refugees can fit into the job market. Even though most of the refugees earn less due to the language barrier as most of them are not able to openly speak English, they still contribute to the GDP of the USA. It, therefore, proves that the US can afford to accommodate these refugees without much difficulty. Unlike developing countries, the USA has sufficient resources which can support the refugee population.

Secondly, the USA should sponsor the Syrian refugees because they have not been shown to be harmful. Fear of terrorists existing among these refugees may be a misplaced thought and ideology. The fact that the Syrian refugees undergo serious vetting and security checks within the UN security agency is enough assurance that these refugees May do not pose a danger to the United States. The security check should be tightened if necessary, but the refugees are allowed into the states.

Lastly, the United States of America should sponsor Syrian refugees because it is the right thing to do. For the sake of humanity, the Syrian refugees should not be left homeless for any reason yet the United States is in the position to help. The government should lay aside any reason and factor and think in line with the fact that these are people in need of help, people from the human race just like the citizens of the United States. The refugees just like any other person should be treated with dignity.