Sample Essay on Thomas Edison State College Monthly Magazine Publication

Thomas Edison State College needs a good informative magazine that would highlight important information and stories. If I were to start a publication at the College, I would name it The Thomas Edison State College Monthly. It would be a monthly publication magazine. The magazine would highlight events making news in the college like conferences, major academic events and informative articles about job opportunities, internship opportunities, career advice, business opportunities, and advertisements. Such information can only be obtained from external newspapers and magazines and is not usually compiled in one magazine. One has to buy several magazines to gather the kind and nature of the information that would be compiled in the Thomas Edison State College Monthly. This magazine would be published every month. This will help manage the publication costs and to have enough time to generate stories and collect information (Coburn, 2015).

For the sustained production of the magazine, revenue has to be made from its distribution. The magazine will be sold at a small fee of a dollar per piece. A classified advertisements section will be included in which students, departments and interested people can advertise products and services at a fee. Sponsored stories and articles will be included in the magazine where people can publish the articles at a fee (Billy, 2015). This way, the magazine will be able to cater to production costs and also generate income.

An online version of the publication would also be designed for easier access by the many individuals who use smartphones, tablets, and computers. A subscription to premium content would be developed so that people can pay a small fee to view the job, business and internship opportunities, and also pay to have their articles included inthe publication (Donna, 2014).

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